Quick connector for solenoid

This quick connector fits perfectly on the PlantedBox solenoid valve and provides a quick, safe connection of your CO2 hoses

  • Set of 2 quick connectors
  • Fits 4/6mm CO2 hoses (PU version)
  • Very easy to install: just push it in and it’s done
  • With sealing ring: teflon is not needed

Connect your CO2 hose to your solenoid valve very easily thanks to this quick connect!


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Quick Connector

Set of 2 connectors

Past perfect

Fits perfectly on a 4/6mm hose

Easy to connect to hose

Ideal for your solenoid valve

Do you have a solenoid valve without a hose connector? Then this set of “quick connectors” is an excellent choice! The quick connectors can be used for all types of 4/6mm hard CO2 hoses. For example, the PU hose from PlantedBox is an excellent choice!

Super fast installation of the CO2 hose

An annoying thing about classic quick connections is that you have to screw the “end  cap” on while the CO2 hose is already mounted. This not only damages the CO2 hose at the ends, but the screwing also makes the hose twist which can be annoying.

Not with these quick connectors. You just have to cut your CO2 hose nice and straight and push the CO2 hose into the quick connector until the hose can’t go any further. That’s it!

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How many quick connectors do I get?

Each order contains 2 quick connectors.

What connection is this?

The quick connectors have a G1/8 connection.

Should I use Teflon?

No, each quick connector has its own o-ring. Just screw it on and you’re done.

How should I install the hose?

Cut the CO2 hose nice and straight and push it into the quick connector until it can’t go any further. That’s it!

How should I remove the CO2 hose?

This is easy: hold down the “tab” of the quick connector with 1 hand and pull the CO2 hose out of the connector with your other hand.