How much aquarium fertilizer should I add?

Everything is nicely explained on the back of each bottle or stand-up pouch. I have formulated my aquarium fertilizers so that it is particularly easy for you: just add x milliliters (based on the amount of light, CO2 and plants) and your plants will have all the nutrients they need.

No more guesswork!

Is your aquarium plant food safe for shrimp?

Yes. My aquarium plant food is completely safe for both shrimp and fish, including Discus.

All my fertilizers have the necessary certificates from the Belgian and European authorities (EC 2003/2003 legislation) and are checked for contents, homogeneity, quality and packaging.

Does your aquarium fertilizer cause algae?

No, I guarantee it! My aquarium plant food is formulated in such a way that it does not contain any substances that can cause algae, for example ammonium.

Do you still get algae? Then this is probably not the result of fertilization, but rather the result of a defficiency of CO2 or too much waste products in the water (from rotten leaves, fish excrement, etc.). So change your water regularly, add more CO2 … More information on algae & aquarium fertilization can be found in my blog article.

Do you sell clay balls?

No, but I do sell “Crypto.” That is easier to plant, does not give off dust when in contact with water, and is also richer in minerals.

In fact, most clay balls contain mainly iron. Crypto also contains nitrate, phosphate, potassium and all kinds of trace elements.


Can I return my product?

Yes, that is possible. On this page you will find more information about your rights and obligations.

Which courier do you use for shipments?

I believe that safe shipping is as important as good service. That’s why I chose DHL as a reliable shipping partner. This way you can be sure that your package will arrive quickly and safely. More info can be found here.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping to Belgium & Netherlands is between €3 and €5, depending on the products you order. Shipping to France and Germany is between €3 and €6,5. More info can be found here.

When can I expect my package?

In principle within 2 to 3 days after shipment for Belgium and the Netherlands. For other countries it may take a little longer. I can’t give you an exact date, because the delivery time depends on several factors.

Can I also collect my parcel at your shop?

PlantedBox is a webshop, there is no showroom or physical store. It is possible to pick up your parcel at my address in Velm (Belgium) though. Please contact me first to make an appointment.

What countries do you ship to?

For now, I only ship to Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Germany and Luxembourg. You can always contact me if you live somewhere else though, I will check what I can do for you.


How much nitrate & phosphate should I dose?

This is nicely explained on the back of the bottle or pouch. If you dose the recommended amount, you’ll have plenty.

Do I need to dose abundantly when starting my aquarium?

In theory it is not necessary because the absorption by the plants is small in the beginning, so you can start with a smaller dose and gradually build up. A full dosage, however, can do no harm in most situations.

Do I also get free advice if I don't buy anything?

Custom advice is only for clients, but as a non-customer you can always visit the blog and download my extensive e-books for tips!

Help, I have algae, now what?

In any case: DO NOT stop fertilizing, by doing so you will only make things worse. You probably have algae because your aquarium plants have a nutrient deficiency. Your plants then grow poorly, they start to degrade and this signals the algae to go on the attack. By stopping plant nutrition, your plants are going to languish even further and you are only compounding the problem.

What should you do? Continue dosing, increase your CO2 (if possible) and/or reduce your aquarium lighting. By reducing the light, the plants will grow more slowly (but still as well), the demand for nutrients will decrease and the nutrient deficiency will therefore become smaller.

For a specific approach per algae, please read my article on algae in the aquarium.

How much light do I need above my aquarium?

It depends on your objective. If you want the plants to grow fast & you like to prune, then you can use lots of light. If you prefer a tank that grows a little slower so you can enjoy it longer or because you don’t like to prune, then I recommend you limit the light.

Just remember that with higher lighting you are going to have to add more nutrients & CO2. Fortunately, for nitrate, phosphate, potassium, iron and all the other trace elements, you are fine with my plant food even with very high (or low) aquarium lighting. You won’t need to add anything extra, your plants will have enough of all the essential minerals.

All you need to do is check whether you are adding enough CO2, for which you can use my CO2 testers, for example. You can find more information in my article on aquarium lighting.

Do I need a nutrient base or "aquasoil"?

No, you can work just fine without it, but an aquasoil or soil fertilizer does give you an extra margin of safety if you forget to dose.


Is payment over the Internet safe?

Yes, this site is “SSL certified”, which means that the website is extra secure when it comes to payments. Moreover, we rely on an experienced and very reliable partner for our payments. Rest assured, you are safe

What payment options do I have?

You can pay in several ways: iDEAL, PayPal, Bancontact/Mistercash and credit cards. More info about payment can be found here.


How can I contact you?

You can do that on this page.

How can I get advice?

As a client, you can get advice through the articles on my blog, through my e-books, and through email.

I have a complaint ...

I do my best so that all my customers are satisfied. Do you have a complaint? Then you can report it in these ways.