Refillable CO2 cylinder

Add CO2 to your aquarium without hassle with these CO2 cylinders. You can easily get it refilled at your local aquarium store.

  • Approved CO2 cylinders with additional safety valve
  • Different sizes available: fits any aquarium
  • Universal connection: get it refilled in your local store
  • Free advice via the blog, ebooks & mail

With a CO2 cylinder you add CO2 much more efficiently than with bio CO2 or a liquid carbon source.

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Past perfect

EU connection, fits all pressure regulators

Different sizes

EU certified

Are you currently using bio CO2 or a liquid carbon source?

Not really convenient, is it? Every day adding that product to your tank, every week creating that nasty stuff again … And if you forget, you risk a nutritional deficiency in your plants and thus poor plant growth.

Fortunately, it can be much easier. With an aquarium CO2 cylinder…

The convenience of a CO2 cylinder

Well, why buy a CO2 system with a refillable CO2 cylinder?

Because it’s just super convenient. You install your pressure regulator on the CO2 cylinder and then connect your pressure regulator to your atomizer, reactor or diffuser in your tank. All that remains is to set the number of bubbles of CO2 and … done. With a good CO2 solenoid valve you can automatically switch the CO2 on and off whenever you want.

No more adding that liquid carbon source to your tank every day. No more creating your “bio CO2” mix every week. No more fluctuating CO2 values and consequently you can now fight tooth and nail against algae.

Safe and fits all pressure regulators

PlantedBox’s aquarium CO2 cylinders are all approved and equipped with a pressure relief valve for added safety. So you can safely place the cylinder in your aquarium cabinet without having to worry about it.

In addition, all CO2 cylinders have a DIN477 connection (W21.8 thread). This means that they also fit on all aquarium pressure regulators that are suitable for refillable bottles, such as my own CO2 pressure regulators.

Need advice?

Still have questions about connecting your CO2 system? Or any other question? Check out one of my free ebooks, read one of my articles about CO2 or check out the extensive blog. I will give you advice tailored to your aquarium.


Which sizes of CO2 cylinders are available?

500 gr and 2 kg

What connection do these CO2 cylinders have?

All cylinders have a European W21.8 thread, meaning they can be refilled throughout Europe.

Do I need a base?

The 2kg CO2 cylinder can stand on its own, the 500gr bottle does need a stand because it has a convex bottom.


Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Fred Tesselaar
Co2 fles

Ik heb een co2 fles besteld bij plantedbox .ik heb hiervoor plantenvoeding besteld en deze is altijd correct aangekomen. Daardoor heb ik de co2 fles besteld. Deze is goed verpakt aangekomen. Klasse

Leo Reijnierse
Stevige goede fles met voldoende volume

Na eerst begonnen te zijn met een 500 gr. fles kwam ik er al gauw achter dat ik dan wel dikwijls moest laten bijvullen en nu dus met 2 kg fles wat meer tussentijd heb. Goede levering in goede verpakking en....snelle service en verzending.

Bedankt Leo!

Gilles van PlantedBox

Luc Mees

Het is handig dat je een 2de fles hebt om snel te kunnen wisselen

Rainier van Slingerlandt
Gewoon goede co2 fles

Nette fles goed gevuld direct geleverd en voor een hele nette prijs.

Filip De Wispelaere
Hervulbare CO2-fles

Klein en handig, ok iets minder rendabel dan 2 liter flessen, maar als je niet veel plaats hebt ideaal.