Micro contains all the important trace elements for your aquarium plants. The result? They grow nicely & algae have less chance. A must-have if you want a healthy aquascape.

  • Contains all trace elements for healthy, fresh & green plants
  • Dosing is very easy & clearly indicated
  • Just dose once a week & you’re done
  • Approved by the EU, safe for shrimp & fish
  • Does not cause algae & does not discolor the water

Micro is also very convenient to use: just squeeze, dose and ready!

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Highly concentrated

Safe for fish & shrimp

All trace elements in 1 bottle

Gemakkelijke setup

Easy to use

EU certified

Only the best for your plants, right?

Do you know the secret to aquarium plants with full, healthy leaves? That’s a good mix of trace elements. Micro, for example.

In addition to macro nutrients, your plants also need micro nutrients or “trace elements” for good, healthy growth. Without the essential trace elements, leaves get deformities, holes and plants grow poorly. Poor plant growth means algae growth … And you don’t want that, do you?

Fortunately, Micro contains all the important trace elements and the fertilizer is nicely concentrated so that your plants grow nicely and algae have less of a chance. After all, a beautiful aquarium without algae is what every aquarist wants to achieve, isn’t it?

Squeeze, pour and ready!

You might have encountered this problem before: you pick up an aquarium fertilizer, you look at the label and … the instructions on that bottle are anything but clear.

How do you know exactly what and how much you are adding and is it enough for your plants? With Micro, that problem is solved. Just add the recommended amount and you will always have enough trace elements. The recipe is formulated to provide your plants with unlimited amounts of nutrients without the risk of algae.

Micro also comes in a handy dosing bottle. Just squeeze until the “chamber” fills up, pour and ready! No more endless measuring, dirty caps lying around, knocking over bottles while dosing, …

One word: super easy.

De doseerdop is zeer handig: gedaan met morsen!

Free advice

Suffering from algae? A question about aquascaping? Or anything else? You can check out my help articles on the blog or download one of my free e-books.


How much should I add?

It depends on the lighting and planting you have and whether you already add CO2 or not. Below is an easy overview of the dosage:

  • Little light/plants – no CO2: 10ml / 100l aquarium water per week
  • Lots of light/plants – yes CO2: 30ml / 100l aquarium water per week

A dosage of 30ml to 100 liters of aquarium water gives a value of 0.50ppm Fe. Ideal for your plants!

How long will this bottle last?

A 1 liter bottle will last 6 to 8 months for a tank of about 100 liters.

Does Micro cause algae?

No, this fertilizer does not cause algae.

If you do have algae, it is because your CO2 is not good or you have too much decaying material in your tank. On the blog you get free advice to solve this.

Huh, my fertilizer is darker in color?

That is possible, over time the color of the fertilizer becomes slightly darker. However, the quality is still the same.

Is this product toxic to my fish or shrimp?

No, not at all. This product has been extensively tested and has no impact whatsoever on the well-being of your animals in the recommended dose.

What is the content of Micro?

Nutrient solution of primary nutrients, secondary nutrients and/or micronutrients for aquarium plants.

Each dose of 30ml to 100 liters of water gives an iron value of 0.50ppm (EDTA) and a lot of trace elements. Ideal for your plants!

Please check the label for the guaranteed analsysis provided by SGS and the EU.


Customer Reviews

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Ad D

Onlangs een flacon Micro besteld. Dit product werd snel toegestuurd. Samen met All-in-one geeft het mijn aquariumplanten een flinke boost.

Patrick Erik Lenaerts


Mat Rutten
Water verversen

Na een wekelijkse waterverversing van 30 a 50% geef ik 100 ml All in one op een bak van 400 liter. Het mooie is dat na een paar uur er een zuurstofexplosie ontstaat waar de planten en de vissen enorm van genieten. En ik ook.

Philippe Colmont


Jan Maase
Prima product

Goed product, je ziet de verbetering door de plantenvoeding vrij snel
Goede service en ondersteuning