Complete CO2 kit

Looking for a complete CO2 kit for your aquarium to get started right away? Then I have this great offer for you …

  • CO2 set with pressure regulator, CO2 bottle, solenoid valve & atomizer
  • Free 2m CO2 hose & professional check valve
  • Superior quality pressure regulator that handles up to 5 bar working pressure
  • Extremely precise needle valve: easy to adjust
  • Suitable for any tank: from 30 liters to 1000 liters
  • EU connection: fits any refillable CO2 bottle
  • Three year warranty on the pressure regulator itself

This aquarium CO2 kit with pressure regulator and CO2 cylinder comes ready to use and has a quick start guide. You will also receive an exclusive e-book of 45 pages (!) full of tips & tricks about CO2 in your tank.

Choose the options below and put together the ideal complete CO2 kit for your plant aquarium.

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Everything you need to get started

Superior quality

Gemakkelijke setup

Easy to install

Super precise needle valve

3 year warranty

Wat is this product?

Want to get started with CO2 in your aquarium? Great idea, a CO2 system is just about the best investment for a true planted aquarium. After all, carbon is a macro element for plant growth. You will quickly notice that plant growth will increase and improve when you start adding CO2. Also, thanks to CO2, leaves get more color and become wider, the roots become stronger, …

In short: CO2 is great and will take your planted tank to the next level.

But what exactly do you need to add CO2 to your aquarium? Well, I have put together this complete aquarium CO2 kit. With this kit you have everything you need to get started immediately with CO2 in your aquarium …

Super easy to install & adjust

Nothing more annoying than getting an aquarium CO2 kit and then realizing that it doesn’t come with a manual and you don’t really know how to get started.

For that reason I have also created a handy quick start guide that explains very clearly how to install everything so that you can get started right away. You will also receive a free e-book of no less than 45 pages (!) explaining you how to adjust your CO2, what to look out for, tips & tricks, …

With a correct adjustment of your CO2, your plants will grow a lot better and the risk of algae is a lot less!

Reliable & precise aquarium CO2 kit

The great thing about this complete CO2 kit is that it uses industrial parts. For example, the PlantedBox CO2 pressure regulator is made of industrial-grade aluminum and the internal spring is reinforced. As a result, it can handle up to 5 (!) bar and is strong and reliable. In addition, it is also equipped with an internal stabilizer to keep the working pressure stable.

Also included in this complete CO2 kit is an industrial check valve with quick connect and a super precise needle valve to adjust the number of bubbles per second. You can also – optionally – mount a PlantedBox bubble counter directly to your needle valve.

Finally, a free pre-mounted sealing ring is included for a proper seal between your CO2 bottle and the CO2 pressure regulator.

Need advice?

Are you struggling with algae? Are your aquarium plants not yet growing optimally? Or just need general advice about CO2, your tank, your plants, … ?

No problem, on my website you can download all kinds of e-books, read comprehensive strategies and articles on my blog. As a customer you also get tailored advice, you can just contact me by e-mail for personal advice.


Can I start using this CO2 kit right away?

Yes! This CO2 kit gives you all the parts & accessories to start using CO2 in your aquarium right away.

What comes standard in this aquarium CO2 kit?

As mentioned earlier, this CO2 kit includes everything you need to start adding CO2 to your tank right away. The complete set includes the following products as standard:

  • Safe, reliable CO2 pressure regulator with stability system to avoid end-of-tank-dumps
  • Additional safety valve against overpressure built into the pressure regulator
  • An extremely precise needle valve with connection for direct mounting of a bubble counter
  • 12V CO2 solenoid valve with LED lamp: whisper quiet and gets less hot than other models
  • A 500gr aquarium CO2 bottle that can be filled at any local aquarium shop
  • 2 meters of CO2 hose that can handle the high working pressure of the pressure regulator
  • An industrial check valve to stop the water, equipped with “quick connect”
  • A Pro Atomizer with built-in bubble counter that creates CO2 bubbles (without additional membrane)
  • 1x free sealing ring (pre-assembled) for a leak-free connection between your bottle and pressure reducer

In short, everything you need to supply your tank with CO2 and improve the growth rate and quality of your plants. Especially if you combine your complete CO2 set with my All-in-One aquarium fertilizer.

Moreover, as proof of good quality, you also get a 3-year warranty on the pressure regulator itself.

Can I customize this aquarium CO2 kit?

Optionally, you can also expand or customize your set with the following products:

  • The PlantedBox Pro diffuser with bubble counter instead of the atomizer
  • A 2kg CO2 bottle instead of a 500gr aquarium CO2 bottle
  • An additional CO2 tester kit to easily check how much CO2 you’re adding

So when do you choose a diffuser instead of the standard Pro Atomizer?

  • If you like to have a diffuser in the aquarium, to keep an eye on the diffusion of CO2
  • If you have an internal filter or you prefer the nice design of the diffuser, choose the diffuser

Can I use this kit in conjunction with a pH controller?

Yes, the pressure regulator in this CO2 kit works fine with pH controllers. Only the Milwaukee MC122 will not work as that controller is not compatible with 12V solenoid valves.

What plug does this kit use?

The solenoid valve on the pressure regulator uses a type C plug for use within EU countries. Can be used on 220V sockets.


Customer Reviews

Based on 160 reviews
Rob Schonenberg
Super mooie CO2 set

Hele mooie superieure kwaliteit en met een naaldventiel waarmee je perfect kunt afstellen. Ben blij met deze set, en de prijs is ook de juiste. Super!! EN eigenaar denkt mee en geeft advies.

Degelijk voor een goede prijs

Mooie set, met alles erop en eraan. Makkelijk voor de CO2 beginner. Snelle levering en duidelijke informatie.

CO2 installatie

kHeb CO2 installatie in goede staat ontvangen, zie er keurig uit echt professioneel,. Hopen dat het een succes wordt.

Werkt top

Het installeren was zo klaar en super makkelijk, daarna was even een weekje werk om de dosering goed te krijgen. Nu het allemaal goed loopt heb ik er eigenlijk geen omkijken meer aan, echt helemaal top.

Arjen Wonink

Mooie co2 set met alles er op en er aan. De bellenteller direct op de drukregelaar is ideaal. Deze is ook gemakkelijk in te stellen en goed af te lezen. De pro diffuser geeft een prachtige fijne "mist". Over de mail krijg je keurig advies over het gebruik van de co2 set (en heel veel extra zaken). Als er dan nog vragen zijn wordt er snel en adequaat gereageerd op mail. In combinatie met de All-in-one aquariumbemesting groeien mijn planten als kool.