Estimative Index Kit

Make your own aquarium fertilizer very easily.

This “Estimative Index Kit” contains everything your aquarium plants need to grow well, including a quick start guide to easily make your own solutions.

• Very easy to create with the included spoon
• Your plants love it: more colour, stronger, bigger, …
• Everything for healthy plants in 1 kit: cheap & easy!
• EU certified by the Belgian federal FASFC
• Lasts a long time
• Supplied in resealable bags with clear instructions
• Does not cause algae & safe for your fish
• Free advice through the blog, ebooks & mail

Done with weighing everything using a scale. Just add x number of spoons and you’re done! Making and dosing your fertilizers becomes child’s play.

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All in 1 kit

Gemakkelijke setup

Easy to make

Safe for fish & shrimp

Easy quick start guide

EU certified

Wat is this product?

Potassium nitrate, KH2PO4, magnesium, Fe DTPA, … all Chinese to you? Don’t know which fertilizers you need for a healthy planted aquarium? Don’t panic: with this Estimative Index kit you have everything your plants need in one kit. Super easy instructions are included.

In no time you can make your own aquarium fertilizer that your plants will love.

Super convenient.

All the best for your plants in 1 kit

Do you have a planted aquarium? Then you also know how important fertilizers are for your aquarium plants. Without these substances they do not grow or grow poorly and poor plant growth often leads to algae. And you don’t want that, do you?

For healthy plants you need to add fertilizers. But you don’t know exactly what you need and how much to dose? Well, that problem is now solved. In this Estimative Index kit you have everything to spoil your plants: nitrate, phosphate, trace elements, magnesium, …

This way you can be sure that they will grow nice, full and strong.

Would you rather have something ready-made? Without having to mix it yourself? Try the All-in-One Aquarium Fertilizer.

Convenient dosing without weighing

Each bag of fertilizers has an easy quick-start guide that clearly explains how to make a solution and how much to add to your tank for great results. Just mix and dose.

With competitors you need to buy an extra scale to make your solutions, which makes your order a lot more expensive. Not with my kit. With every order you get a free dosing spoon. Just add x number of spoons to your bottle and you’re done. Then just add it to your tank according to the manual and wait for the first results.

Your plants will love it 🙂

Free advice & coaching

Do you have algae problems? Are your plants growing poorly? Read my articles on the blog, download my e-books or check out the guides.


How should I make the fertilizers?

That is very easy. With your order you will receive a clear manual that explains how to make the fertilizers. The manual for each product is also stated on the packaging itself.

Do I need precision scales?

No that is not necessary. You will receive a free dosing spoon with your order. You then add x number of spoons, mix and ready. This is a little less precise, but it doesn’t matter for your plants. Moreover, you save a lot of money because you no longer have to buy a scale.

Do I need to buy other fertilizers?

No that is not necessary. This kit contains all the most important nutrients for your plants.

Can these fertilizers cause algae?

No, this package does not contain any substance that can cause algae in your aquarium. Rather, it is a nutritional deficiency in your plants that causes algae. Your aquarium plants stop growing, start to turn slimy and that in turn causes algae. Better to add fertilizers!

How much should I add?

30ml per week of each stock solution on 100 liters of aquarium water. This is also clearly explained in the supplied manual.

Can I make an All-in-One with this?

No that is impossible. All-in-One is stabilized in several ways to avoid precipitation. That is not possible with this kit. It is therefore best to keep phosphate separate from the iron and the trace elements.

I need help, can you help me?

Sure, check out the blog for my advice articles, download one of my free e-books or checkout the guides.

Are these nutrients dangerous for my fish and shrimp?

No absolutely not. This kit contains no hazardous substances. In addition, all fertilizers in this package are certified by the EU and the Belgian FASFC, the organization responsible for safety & quality of fertilizers in the European Union.

What's in this Estimative Index Kit?

A brief overview of what you get:

• 500gr KNO3 (potassium nitrate)
• 100gr KH2PO4 (potassium phosphate)
• 100gr trace elements
• 50gr Fe DTPA (long-term iron fertilization)
• 500gr MgSO4 (magnesium sulphate)
• A bag of E202 to store the products for a long time
• A handy dosing spoon

This package will last you a very long time, ideal for larger aquariums!


Customer Reviews

Based on 181 reviews
H.H Karssies

Estimative Index Kit

Hans Barten
Prima plantenvoeding

Gebruik de EIK nu een week of 5. Gebruikte eerst profito automatische dagelijkse dosering maar dat werd nogal omslachtig met de EIK. Voeg nu 1 x in de week de 3 delen vd EIK toe n dat werkt perfect. Planten groeien veel mooier n harder met de EIK. Ijzer gehalte blijft zeer stabiel waardoor de rode planten mooi rood blijven. Geen witte randjes/blaadjes meer aan de planten door suiker lekkage. Wat betreft de kosten is de EIK al helemaal perfect........ongeveer een 10e deel ten opzichte vd kant n klaar producten.
Moet wel een week of 3 geduld hebben voordat de resultaten goed zichtbaar worden.
Prima product, makkelijk klaar maken n perfecte ondersteuning vanuit Planter Box.

Rudi Bynens
Zeer tevreden met estimative index

Snelle leveringen en mooi verpakt van de producten. Dit alles met een eenvoudige gebruiksaanwijzing zodat het opstarten geen enkel probleem is.
Het verschil met de planten voedingsstoffen is na 14 dagen al duidelijk te zien, dus ik ben een tevreden man. Grtj

Sjoerd Voermans
Waardevol aquariumplanten toevoeging

Eindelijk plantenvoeding die meer dan uitstekend werkt. Zeer weelderige groei en de algengroei in balans houd

R Adams
Estimative index kit

Planten groeien naar wens. Goede omschrijving. Zeer tevreden. Nu de bekende driehoek in balans zien te krijgen en te houden lijkt te lukken. Geen alg.
Tot de volgende kit. Mvg, Reier.