CO2 solenoid valve

This aquarium CO2 solenoid valve is easy to install on a timer, just set the time for CO2 supply and you’re done! It automatically switches the CO2 on and off.

  • Super quiet and equipped with LED light
  • Only 12v: heats up much less than other valves
  • Can be mounted on a pressure regulator or simply left alone in your cabinet
  • Free quick-connect hose connection
  • Free advice via the blog, ebooks & mail

This CO2 solenoid valve can be installed either on your current pressure regulator or loose in your aquarium cabinet with the handy quick-connect connections. Simply insert your CO2 hose into the connection and you’re done!

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Zeer stil

Super quiet

Wordt niet heet

Does not get hot

Easy to install

Quick Connector

Free quick connectors

Prevent waste of CO2 & dead fish

What do you do to avoid CO2 waste and dead fish in your tank? You can manually turn off the CO2 at night. But let’s face it: that’s inconvenient and chances are you’ll forget. That was the case for me 🙂

No, much easier is to simply install an aquarium CO2 solenoid valve. You plug the CO2 hose from your pressure regulator into the connection of the solenoid valve and then you plug your solenoid valve into a time clock and then into the outlet. Now you set the timer according to the time you want it to turn on or off.

Is the power on? Then the LED light goes on and the solenoid valve opens the CO2 supply and the CO2 goes through your CO2 hose to your aquarium. Is the power off? Then the valve closes the supply of CO2 again.

Super simple!

Why this CO2 solenoid valve is super handy

The nice thing about this CO2 solenoid valve is that it comes with the standard size R1/8. This allows you to mount it on just about any European pressure regulator. All you need is an R1/8 coupling between your pressure regulator and the solenoid valve.

Is that not possible or would you rather mount it separately in your aquarium cabinet? That is also perfectly possible of course. Your solenoid valve comes standard with super easy push-in quick disconnect couplings. All you have to do is connect the CO2 pressure hose from your needle valve to the quick connector on the solenoid valve. Then a CO2 hose from your solenoid valve to your diffuser, reactor or atomizer.

PS: an added benefit of the push-in couplings over the standard swivel couplings is that your CO2 hose won’t curl when you mount the CO2 hose on it.

Need advice?

Do you have any questions? Suffering from algae? Or need advice on your CO2 system? Then feel free to download one of my e-books or read my comprehensive strategies on the blog!


Does this solenoid valve get hot?

All solenoid valves of this type get hot, that’s how they cool down, namely by releasing the heat to the environment. But because much less current (12V) is rushed through this solenoid valve, it heats up a whole lot less than other models.

How many volts does this solenoid valve operate at?

This aquarium solenoid valve works on 12V and is supplied with an adapter so that you can use it on 230V.

How do the quick connectors work?

Cut your CO2 hose nice and straight and then push the hose into the quick connector until it can go no further. That’s it!

How do I remove the hose again?

This is easy: just push on the “tab” of the quick connector with one hand and carefully pull out the CO2 hose with the other.


Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Benny Coquet
perfect voor mijn setup

Het magneetventiel past perfect bij mijn sodastream co2installatie ook de lage 12v spanning is veiliger dan een gewoon stopcontact. Super aankoop!


Snelle levering, makkelijk te installeren, zeer stil en het wordt niet heet, dus kortom een echte aanrader.

Hans Demol

Correcte levering.
Eenvoudig te installeren.


Goede werking en duidelijk met lampje als hij co2 doorlaat en word niet warm zoal mijn vorige. Echt een aanrader.

Fred Tesselaar

Ik heb een magneetventiel besteld vanwege dat die van mij stuk gegaan was. Nieuwe besteld bij plantedbox en ben hiermee erg tevreden over. Klasse dit product wat dit product is in gebruik zuiniger ook groetjes Fred