PlantedBox - Quality label of the European Union

All PlantedBox fertilisers are certified by the European Union and carry the quality label of the European Union and the Belgian FASFC.

The FASFC is the Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain in Belgium. They make sure that all fertilisers & food products meet their strict standards, otherwise they are not allowed on the market. My fertilisers are checked several times a year by this agency and are 100% approved by the controllers of the FASFC and the European Union. You can find my approval on the right (personal contact details have been removed).

What is my aquarium plant food audited for?

  • The content of the aquarium fertiliser & the quality of the raw materials;
  • The correct labeling & packaging for the customers;
  • Full traceability: from raw material to finished product;
  • The hygiene & infrastructure of my production areas;
  • The quality of the finished product;

In addition, the contents of the fertilisers are also analysed by a lab that has been appointed by the government for this purpose. This means that the analysis on the label is also the legally guaranteed content.

So you can be sure of the quality of the PlantedBox aquarium fertiliser!