Improve your plant growth within 2 weeks and make your aquarium algae-free with PlantedBox.

PlantedBox combines tailor-made advice with the right aquarium plant food, CO2 systems and other equipment to help you achieve a healthy planted aquarium.

Dose in complete safety

Did you know that all PlantedBox aquarium fertilizers are certified by the European Union? You can be sure of quality & safety, both for your plants and your fish!

Make your aquarium algae-free

Algae problems? Poor plant growth? PlantedBox offers the right products and tailor-made advice via the blog, email and extensive e-books. Now, you can have the algae-free and healthy aquarium you've always dreamed off.

For truly healthy aquarium plants

The combination of excellent aquarium plant food, a high-quality CO2 system from PlantedBox and good accessories for caring for your plants will give your plants a real boost.


Bastiaan Kruidenier

My search has ended

In recent years, I have experimented a lot with different aquarium fertilizers.

My search ended with the 'All-in-One Lean Dosing' version from Plantedbox. Beautiful colours, slow and compact growth, and virtually no algae.

Bastiaan Kruidenier Aquascaper

More sales thanks to PlantedBox

We use PlantedBox as a fertiliser for the aquarium plants in our shop and they have been growing significantly better since then. This has also increased sales. We then decided to become a PlantedBox distributor and have been so for over 5 years now!

Kurt Jamart Owner of AquaBilzen
Nick Maas

Super happy!

I have tried several different aquarium plant foods, but I am most satisfied of both the normal and the Lean All-in-one fertilizer from Plantedbox. The collection of Plantedbox products is expanding all the time, like the co2 pressure regulator, the toolkit, drop checker with liquid, etc. It's nice to have everything from a good and reliable brand!

Nick Maas Aquascaper
benjamin stofferus

Plantedbox makes the hobby a lot easier

I started my planted aquarium 2 years ago. The first few months were not easy until I started using PlantedBox. My aquarium was up and running in no time.

PlantedBox makes the hobby a lot easier!

Benjamin Stofferus Aquascaper