All-in-One “Lean Dosing”

The ideal aquarium fertilizer if you want to use the “Lean Dosing” dosing method! This All-in-One contains all the important nutrients in 1 bottle for healthy aquarium plants: nitrate, phosphate, iron, trace minerals, magnesium, potassium and more.

• Perfect N:P ratio for Lean Dosing
• Cheaper: 1 bottle instead of 5 different ones!
• Ideal in combination with a good aquasoil
• More red colors, more compact plants & slower growth
• Controlled & approved by the FASFC & the European Union
• Free advice via the blog, e-books & mail

The dosage is very simple, just a few ml’s a day. Do you prefer to dose several times a week or once a week? That’s possible too!

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Highly concentrated

Safe for fish & shrimp

All in 1 bottle

Gemakkelijke setup

Easy to use

EU certified

Wat is this product?

Are you using an aquasoil? Do you want to use the “Lean Dosing” dosing method?

Then this aquarium plant fertilizer is an excellent choice! Designed to be used in conjunction with a rich aquasoil, the PlantedBox All-in-One “Lean Dosing” is lower in nitrate than the Estimative Index version but comparatively richer in phosphate, potassium and trace elements. The lower nitrate content and richer potassium and phosphate content will make your plants grow more compact and promote red pigmentation in, for example, your Rotalas.

In short: ideal if you want to create a tight aquascape with nice red, compact plants.

Everything in 1 bottle: at least 2x as cheap

The convenience of an All-in-One aquarium fertilizer is that you really have everything in one bottle. Each bottle contains the most important nutrients such as nitrate, phosphate, potassium, magnesium, iron and trace elements.

In other words, you only need 1 bottle of this product to add all those essential nutrients at once. So no more ordering 5 bottles and adding and controlling everything separately. This will not only save you a lot of (dosing) work but above all: money. Just do the math.

Create a healthy aquascape

“What do I need to add to get such a nice scape and how much?”. Maybe you’ve already asked yourself that question when you saw some aquascape in your Instagram feed.

Well, with the All-in-One “Lean Dosing” you don’t have to worry about that anymore. The fertilizer contains all the ingredients to provide your plants with the necessary nutrients for healthy plant growth. Moreover, each bottle also contains the right ratio of nitrate-phosphate-potassium trace elements for a nice compact plant growth and more red colors. Ideal for a sleek, healthy aquascape without algae.

By the way, all PlantedBox fertilizers are EU-certified. So you know that you can dose without risk to your fish or shrimp.

Improve plant growth within 2 weeks: free coaching & advice

Looking for tips and advice to take your aquascape to the next level? As a customer, PlantedBox gives you free advice and coaching through the extensive help articles and anti-algae strategies on the blog or you can download my free e-books.


Should I dose All-in-One "Lean Dosing" daily?

The standard dosage is indeed a daily dosage, which can easily be done with the optional PlantedBox dosing pump or a syringe. You can also choose to dose several times a week or weekly if that’s more convenient for you, in which case you can use the bottle’s dosing chamber. Easy!

How much should I add of All-in-One "Lean Dosing"?

The dosage is 28ml per week on 100 liters of aquarium water. The label on each bottle also clearly states how much to add based on the size of your aquarium.

What do I add per dose?

A dose of 28ml to 100 liters of aquarium water gives a value of 0.25ppm iron, 12ppm potassium, 5ppm nitrate and 2.5ppm phosphate.

How long can I get by with a 1 liter bottle?

About 6 to 8 months for a 100 liters aquarium. With the jerry can, of course, much longer.

How long can I store it?

In principle, you can store it indefinitely, it is very stable and there is no flocculation (“precipitation”) at the bottom. However, I do recommend not to store it in sunlight, but in a dark and cool place (e.g. in the aquarium cabinet).

Does this product cause algae?

No, definitely not. This fertilizer contains no products that can cause algae (e.g., ammonium).

Is this stuff toxic to the animals in my aquarium?

No, not at all. This product has been extensively tested and has no impact whatsoever on the well-being of your critters under normal use.

What is the content of All-in-One Lean Dosing?

Below are the contents & label mentions of All-in-One “Lean Dosing”: “Nutrient solution of primary nutrients, secondary nutrients and/or micronutrients for aquarium plants.”

Each dose of 28ml to 100 liters of water gives an iron value of about 0.25ppm (EDTA), a potassium value of 12ppm, a nitrate value of 5ppm and a phosphate value of 2.5ppm. And of course a lot of trace elements!

For the guaranteed analysis, please see the label.

I hesitate between the classic All-in-One and this one?

The Lean Dosing All-in-One is ideal if you have an aquasoil and prefer slower, more compact growth. Aquascapes with specific Rotalas also benefit from this fertilizer, the plants will become more red.

Perhaps this infographic can help you in your choice!

What do others say about All-in-one "Lean Dosing"?

Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
Henk Verfaillie
All in one is een zéér goed product.

Ik heb 4 aquariums draaien met dit product samen met een CO2-installatie.Al mijn planten;zelfs de rode planten doen het zéér goed.Ik ben zéér tevreden met dit product,want gebruik het al een hele tijd.Ik doe nog altijd véél tests om mijn aquariums nog te verbeteren;heb onlangs nog een nieuwe Filter EHEIM 4+600 aangeschaft.Ben nu in afwachting wanneer je terug CO2-reactoren hebt.

Elly Beugelsdijk

Zie na 2 weken nog niks maar ziet er goed uit doe dosering 1x per week Is makkelijker bij mijn rechthoekige 30 l aquarium
Heb net 2 stekjes geplant dus hopen op resultaat

Jan Korver

Het werk goed

Wim Brom
All in one lean version

Ik gebruik de aio lean sinds begin dit jaar en het bevalt me heel goed.. planten groeien goed en kleuren mooi... heb nu mij 2e fles gekocht...

Peter de Haan
All in one

Gebruik deze plantenvoeding al geruime tijd in combinatie met CO2.
Duurde wel even tot ik de juiste dosering te pakken had maar de resultaten zijn zeer goed.