Drop checker indicator mix

Want to easily know the amount of CO2 in your aquarium? Then use a drop checker in combination with a good drop checker indicator mix …

  • Made with super pure raw materials from the EU
  • Supplied in a handy dosing bottle
  • Improve the CO2 in your aquarium and thus the plant growth!

Better CO2 means healthier plant growth, so less chance of algae. This drop check indicator mix will help you do just that!

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Drop checker

Super precise

Gemakkelijke setup

Easy to dose

Alle dropcheckers

Works with all drop checkers

Convenient and precise

Do you have a drop checker? Then a good indicator mix is indispensable! With this handy bottle you can easily fill your drop checker without spilling.

This indicator mix is produced with very pure ingredients from the European Union. Therefore you can be sure that you get a nice accurate mix that gives you a reliable measurement for your Drop, Clip or Bulb drop checker.

Moreover, it comes in a handy squeeze bottle. All you have to do is flip the drop checker over, press down on the bottle for a moment, fill the drop checker halfway, flip it back over and place it in your aquarium. Done!

Easily measure your CO2 value

The handy thing about a drop checker is that you can quickly and easily see whether you are adding enough CO2 to your aquarium. And that is important, because without proper CO2 your plants will not grow well and you will increase the risk of algae. And of course you want to avoid that.

So how does this indicator mix work? Well, after a few hours it changes color: blue = too little CO2, yellow = too much CO2, light green to lime green = just right!

You can then focus on the other aspects of your aquarium and optimize your plant growth.

Need advice

Are you suffering from algae or are your plants not growing optimally? At PlantedBox, get free advice tailored to your aquarium through the blog or the free e-books .

Michael Baumrucker


Which sizes are available?

The drop checker indicator mix is available in 100ml bottle with dispensing tip & 250ml refill bottle with syringe.

Do I still need to mix the indicator mix?

No, that is not necessary, it is ready-to-use.

How often should I replace the mix in my drop checker?

I recommend that you do this at least once a month and preferably twice a month. This way you prevent incorrect measurements.

Is this product toxic to fish & shrimp?

If a little indicator mix gets into the aquarium (e.g., when filling the drop checker) that’s no big deal!


Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Jan Wagenaars
Erg goed

Drop checker indicator mix is erg goed en niet duur

Rene Sturmans
Goed controlle systeem CO2 in aquarium

De drop checker indicator werkt zoals het beschreven wordt in bijsluiter.
dit is een middel om de CO2 goed te monitoren.

René van Es

Voldoet precies zoals verwacht

Jasper Boverhof
Prima vloeistof, prima prijs!

Vloeistof werkt zoals het moet en een flesje zal lang mee gaan. Aanrader, want het is een pak goedkoper dan navul dennerle flacons en werkt identiek.

Angelo Kerstens

Drop checker indicator mix