Leak detector

Is your CO2 bottle emptying suspiciously fast? You probably have a miniscule leak somewhere in your CO2 system. This industrial leak detector can help you detect the leak.

  • Works much more accurately and quickly than soapy water
  • Can be used directly, just spray on the connection
  • Bubbles instantly, even at very small leaks
  • You don’t need much, 1 bottle is enough for years

This bottle will probably last you for your entire aquarist career. Detect leaks very quickly and save on your CO2. The cost is recovered from the very first leak.

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Vind het kleinste lek

Detects the smallest leaks

Gemakkelijke setup

Easy to use

Lasts a long time

Industrial leak detector: fast and efficient

You can use soapy water to detect a leak in your CO2 system, but let’s face it: it’s not convenient, and are those bubbles from the soapy water or from a leak? Besides, soapy water work mostly for larger leaks, but if you have a super small CO2 leak then chances are it won’t be noticed with soapy water.

This leak detector is a product that is also used in the gas industry. Its advantage is that it immediately starts to bubble at the very smallest leak. In addition, it also fizzes much more vigorously than soapy water so you can notice it much faster and plug the leak.

Just spray and done

The leak detector comes in a handy bottle with a spray head. Just point the bottle at a connection (e.g. between your aquarium CO2 pressure regulator and the CO2 cylinder), press the head briefly and the product is sprayed onto the connection.

If nothing happens, then everything is OK. Does it start to bubble violently? Then there is a CO2 leak.

A bottle is 100ml and this will last you a very long time as you only need a small amount at a time.


Need aquarium advice?

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How long will I be able to get by with this bottle?

Probably your whole aquarist career 🙂

Is this product harmful to my CO2 system?

No, it is not a caustic or harmful product. I do recommend removing it shortly after use with a clean cloth because it is quite greasy.

Isn't this just soapy water?

No, definitely not. This is a product from the pneumatic industry that is much more sensitive than soapy water and will therefore detect a leak much faster, even the smallest CO2 leaks. Moreover, it is much easier to use.


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
H. Blaauboer
Lek detector

Prima spul om eventuele CO2 lekkages op te sporen. De vloeistof komt enigszins vettig over, daardoor blijft het langer hangen bij de controle van de slang aansluitingen. Dit is een voordeel. Sop heeft als nadeel dat dit snel weg loopt.

Danny Tubex
Goed product, perfecte service

De lekdetector spuit je met een fijne vernevelaar, dus weinig product nodig om rondom de verbinding overal product te krijgen. De vloeistof zelf is makkelijk weer af te vegen zodat je nadien niet met een plakkend reduceerventiel zit.
De service van Gilles is zoals steeds geweldig! ;-)

Kees Bossers
Perfecte Co2 tester

Ik heb onlangs een Co2 tester aangeschaft. Deze werkte perfect. Ik had namelijk een lekje in mijn systeem. Door de test kon ik het verhelpen, top!

lekdetector vloeistof

In het verleden een paar keer mijn fles leeg gelopen omdat na een wissel toch een klein lekje was. Deze spray is handig in gebruik en heeft ook recent weer voorkomen dat ik lekje gemist zou hebben. De bestel en verzend service is prima zoals altijd bij PlantedBox