Are you plants lacking in color? Do you want to prevent chlorosis in plant leaves? Try Ferro, it will improve coloration in your plants.

  • Dosing is easy and clearly indicated
  • Long-lasting availability for your plants
  • Does not discolor the water
  • Completely safe for your shrimps and fish
  • Does not cause algae

Because Ferro is double-chelated (EDTA & DTPA) it also remains available to your plants for a nice long time. So they grow strong with healthy roots, get more color and grow bigger leaves.

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Highly concentrated

Safe for fish & shrimp

Double chelated

Gemakkelijke setup

Easy to use

EU certified

Long-term iron fertilization for extra strong plants

Most commercial iron fertilizers consist of “iron gluconate.” But for many aquarium plants this is no use to them because iron gluconate precipitates so quickly in the aquarium water, sometimes even within the hour, that it becomes unavailable for your plants.

Fortunately, Ferro does not have that problem. Ferro contains different chelated forms of iron (EDTA & DTPA), so the iron remains available to your plants for a very long time, up to several days and even in very hard water!

The advantage? The plants absorb more iron, become stronger and get more color. And that’s what we want, right?

Get rid of those pale leaves!

You’ve probably already experienced this situation: your plantlets don’t seem very healthy and they even look a little pale. Or maybe they have a bit of a yellow sheen?

Then chances are that they have “chlorosis”, which can be caused by an iron deficiency. In that case, add some Ferro in combination with Micro. By adding trace elements and iron you prevent chlorosis, thus improving colouration in plant leaves.

Then add some extra CO2 to your tank for even better growth.

Free advice

Do you have any questions? Are you struggling with algae? Then read one of my many help articles on the blog or download a free e-book.


How much should I add?

It depends on the lighting and planting you have and whether you already add CO2 or not. Below is an easy overview of the dosage:

  • Little light/plants – no CO2: 10ml / 100l aquarium water per week
  • Lots of light/plants – yes CO2: 30ml / 100l aquarium water per week

A dosage of 30ml to 100 liters of aquarium water gives a value of about 1.0 ppm Fe.

How long will this bottle last?

A 1 liter bottle will last for 6 to 8 months for a tank of about 100 liters.

Does Ferro cause algae?

No, this fertilizer does not cause algae.

If you do have algae, it is because your CO2 is not good or you have too much decaying material in your tank. Check out the blog which contains a lot of articles to help prevent algae.

Is this stuff toxic to my fish or shrimp?

No, not at all. This product has been extensively tested and has no impact whatsoever on the well-being of your animals under normal use.

Do I really need this fertilizer?

No, your plants can also do without it, but if you notice loss in leaf colour (“chlorosis”) you should add it.


Customer Reviews

Based on 52 reviews
Extra toevoeging van Ferro.

Merkelijk zichtbare groei van de planten door toevoeging van Ferro. Zeker voor de Echinodorussen.


Gebruik Ferro al jaren, normaal koop ik altijd spullen tijdens vivarium. Vind het leuk om dan jou ook te ontmoeten.

Pieter Luitjens
Ferro is een goed werkende ijzer meststof

Ik geef het een 8

E. Bosch

Ik ben het pas gaan gebruiken en is denk ik te kort om gelijk al resultaat te zien

Ben Bouw