Do you have a lot of Cryptocorynes in your tank? Or other strong rooting plants like Echinodorus? Then you should try Crypto, the complete aquarium plant food in capsules for your soil.

  • Easy to add to the soil
  • No mess during planting
  • Releases nutrients for 6 to 8 months
  • Causes no algae & safe for your animals
  • Certified by the EU
  • One bag contains 25 capsules & is good for a 1 meter tank

The capsules also don’t crumble, so they don’t cause gunk in your tank. Ideal, right?


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All nutrients in 1 capsule

Safe for fish & shrimp

Effective up to 8 months

EU certified

Wat is this product?

Do you have many plants in your aquarium that absorb most of their nutrition through their roots? Then you should definitely give these capsules a try. Unlike clay balls, Crypto contains nitrate, phosphate, iron and all other important trace elements.

Your plants will form stronger roots and grow better as a result.

You want your plants to continue to grow abundantly, don't you?

The annoying thing about many soil fertilizers? They are very volatile and lose their effect quickly. And your plants end up falling victim to that.

Crypto, on the other hand, is made of tiny balls that are coated with a special coating and then stored inside a capsule. This coating gradually releases the nutrients to the soil. The advantage? Crypto lasts an exceptionally long time, up to 6 to 8 months!

Ideal, because your Cryptocorynes, Echinodoruses & other rooting plants get plenty of time to grow.

Contains 12 micro and macro nutrients

Traditional clay balls are mainly rich in iron and possibly other metals, but otherwise contain no other important nutrients. Not really useful for your plants.

Crypto, on the other hand, contains all the nutrients your plants need: nitrate, phosphate, iron, potassium, manganese, … As a result, your plants will form stronger roots and consequently grow better, make bigger leaves and show more color.

No more dust clouds in your tank ...

Do you still use clay balls? That cloud of dust when you stick the clay balls in the soil is super annoying, right? Well, that’s a thing of the past with Crypto.

Because the granules are contained in a gelatin capsule, no dust is released at all and you have time to get the capsules to the roots of the plants without any problems. Moreover, the capsule does not crumble as soon as you push it into the water, in fact, it takes a few hours for it to completely dissolve in the soil.

So you don’t have to rush to plant the plant food capsules!

Free aquarium advice

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How should I add Crypto?

Just push directly into the soil, best near rooting plants.

How much should I add?

It depends on the amount of plants. I recommend adding a capsule to the soil every 10cm. Push the capsule a few cm into the soil.

How long do the capsules release fertilizer?

About 6 to 8 months, depending on the quantity of plants. It is best to replace them in time so that the plants do not become deficient.

Is this stuff better than clay balls?

Yes 😉 And I’m not telling you that as a sales pitch, but simply because this stuff contains much more nutrients than clay balls. A clay ball is usually only iron, while this product also contains nitrate, phosphate, etc … contains. Moreover, it does not create a dust cloud when adding it to your soil.

Does this stuff cause algae?

No, in the recommended amount, this product does no harm.

How quickly does the capsule dissolve?

The capsule melts about after a minute or two. So time enough to get the capsule in place in your tank!

Does this stuff give off dust when planting?

No, nothing of substance. So planting is easy & without gunk!

There are little granules floating?

It’s possible. When Crypto has worn off, the granules remain because it only acts as a kind of membrane. Just scoop it away and it’s gone.

How should I store my Crypto?

Just store it in the provided pouch and in a dry place.

What nutrients does 1 capsule of Crypto contain?

Nitrate, phosphate, trace elements, iron, magnesium, … In short: everything your plants need! For a complete overview of the nutrients with their content percentages, please have a look at the guaranteed analysis on the pouch.


Customer Reviews

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Mijn crypto's groeien nergens beter op dan dit product.

Martijn van Moorsel
All in one voeding

Sinds een paar jaar deze voeding en alleen maar voordelen. Ook bestellen en verzenden is altijd prima geregeld!

Marcel Van der Heide
Niet alleen voor Crypto’s!

Zoals de naam doet vermoeden werken de voedingscapsules erg goed bij Crypto’s. Ik heb meerdere soorten en allemaal groeien ze goed op de capsules. Niet alleen worden ze groot, maar ook de kleuren worden sprekender en het blad sterker.

Maar niet alleen Crypto’s doen het beter met de capsules. Ook de Echinodorussen groeien aanmerkelijk beter. Waar ze eerder nog wel eens verslijmden en langzaamaan minder werden groeien ze nu goed. Ze vormen mooie bladeren met mooie kleuren en de juiste bladvorm. Niet van die lange smalle bladeren terwijl ze eirond moeten zijn bijvoorbeeld.

Kortom, dik tevreden met dit product. Een aanrader!

Crypto goede aanvulling.

Gebruik al meerdere jaren Crypto van PlantedBox met goed resultaat.
Daarvoor gebruikte ik frequent allerlei soorten kleibollen maar die trof ik vaak nauwelijks opgelost na maanden nog in de bodem aan. Crypto lost wel goed op en heeft een betere werking !

Ryan Langenberg