Refer your fellow aquarists and benefit!

Do you know a fellow aquarist who does not yet use PlantedBox, e.g. on a Facebook group, at your aquarium club or a friend? Share your personal code with this fellow aquarist. Your friend will receive a 10% discount* on their order and you will receive a 20% discount code* for your next order. Win-win!

Start referring your friends or read the details about discounts here.

It’s very simple. Do you know a fellow aquarist who is not yet using PlantedBox products and would benefit from them? Then you can invite that person:

  • via a personal link: the discount is automatically applied in the shopping basket
  • OR via a personal discount code: your friend enters your code in the shopping cart

You can create your link or discount code via the form below. Then you can invite your friends via the same form or just in person, e.g. via a Facebook private message, Whatsapp or word of mouth. You and your friend will then be rewarded as soon as your friend places his/her first order. TIP: word-of-mouth advertising works by far the best!

To thank you for referring my webshop, I have provided some really nice discounts.

Discount per referral

For every friend who places a first order with PlantedBox thanks to you, you will receive 20% off your next order. Your friend will also receive another 10% discount on their first order.

Pretty nice, right?

  • 10% for your friend (1st order)
  • 20% for you (next order)

Extra contest

We also have an extra competition going on: every 3 months we check who has referred the most friends. That person will then receive a €100 voucher on top of the 20% discount! So it really pays off to convince as many friends as possible about PlantedBox.

  • Chance to win a €100 voucher
  • Eternal glory :-)

Rules and conditions

There are some rules and conditions attached to PlantedBox’s “Refer your friends!” programme.

  • You will only receive the discount if your friend has never placed an order with PlantedBox before;
  • The discount you receive for each referral can only be applied to the next order and not previous orders;
  • Your friend’s discount will be applied to the first order;
  • You are not allowed to spam Facebook groups and forums. You are supposed to invite friends, not strangers;
  • In case of spamming, you will be immediately excluded from the programme and all previous discounts will be cancelled;
  • We actively check for fraud (e.g. ordering for yourself) via IP address, contact details and other advanced methods;
  • In case of fraud, the discount for the respective order will be cancelled;
  • In case of repeated fraud, you will be excluded from the programme and all previous discounts will be cancelled;
  • Discounts are valid online only;
  • As soon as you participate in this programme, you automatically accept these rules and conditions.