Want a planted aquarium with healthy plants and no algae? Then be sure to add nitrate, phosphate and potassium: the most important building blocks for your plants. With Macro, this is particularly easy.

  • Dosing is easy & clearly indicated
  • Highly concentrated: ensures healthier & fresher plants
  • All important macro-nutrients in 1 bottle: a lot cheaper
  • Completely safe for your shrimp and fish
  • Does not cause algae

Macro has been checked & approved by the Belgian federal FASFC and certified by the European Union.

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Highly concentrated

Safe for fish & shrimp

Gemakkelijke setup

Easy to use

EU certified

Wat is this product?

Nitrate, phosphate and potassium are very important nutrients for your plants, they are called “macro-elements” in science for a reason. If you want to avoid poor plant growth and algae, it is important that you also add these elements to your tank.

With Macro, this can be easily done in a single motion. And the best thing? It doesn’t cause algae, is harmless to your animals & highly concentrated for the best results.

The main building blocks for your aquarium plants

You’ve probably seen the mention “NPK” on those packages of compost and potting soil for plants? That’s because nitrate (N), phosphate (P) and potassium (K) are very important building blocks for plants, including your aquarium plants!

Especially with strong lighting and a high plant load in the aquarium, shortages of these nutrients can sometimes occur. And a nutrient deficiencies mean that the plants grow poorly, resulting in … algae!

And we want to avoid algae in our aquariums, right? Then combine Micro together with this Macro fertilizer for healthy aquarium plants without algae!

No mess. No headaches.

What’s nice and easy about this fertilizer is that you just have to squeeze the bottle so the “chamber” fills up and then pour the fertilizer into your aquarium. No mess. No dirty caps lying around in your aquarium cabinet. No dirty residue inside the cap.

No need to calculate your doses too. The recommended amount on the label is calculated for maximum impact on plant growth. Without danger of algae. Moreover, Macro is completely harmless to your fish and shrimps.

Would you rather add macro & micro elements in 1x to your tank? Then try All-in-One.

Free advice tailored to your aquarium!

Want some advice for your tank? Want to get rid of that stubborn algae in your tank? Or do you have a product-related question? Check out my help articles on the blog or download my free e-books.

Bet you’ll have a top tank!


How much should I add from Macro?

It depends on the lighting and planting you have and whether you already add CO2 or not. Below is an easy overview of the dosage:

  • Low light/plants – no CO2: 10ml / 100l aquarium water per week
  • High light/plants – yes CO2: 30ml / 100l aquarium water per week

A dosage of 30ml to 100 liters of aquarium water gives a value of about 20ppm nitrate and 2ppm phosphate. Ideal for your plants!

How long will this bottle last?

With a 1 liter bottle, you have enough for 6 to 8 months for a tank of about 100 liters. That’s a long time!

My Macro is browner than in the picture, how come?

After a while, Macro does indeed become browner in color, giving it a white-yellow or white-brown color. This is perfectly normal and happens partly due to the effect of light. This happens with all liquid fertilizers. Fortunately it does not affect the quality of your Macro at all, the color is just darker.

Does Macro cause algae?

No, this fertilizer does not cause algae, I promise you!

If you do have algae, it is probably because your CO2 is not good or you have too much decaying material in your tank. On the blog you will find many articles to solve your algae problem.

Is Macro toxic to my fish or shrimp?

No, not at all. This product has been extensively tested and has no impact whatsoever on the well-being of your animals in the recommended dose.

Do my plants really need nitrate, phosphate and potassium?

Yes. Nitrate, phosphate and potassium are just about the most important nutrients for all plants, including your aquarium plants. Without these nutrients, your plants will grow poorly, get deformities and start to decay.

What is the content of Macro?

Nutrient solution of primary nutrients, secondary nutrients and/or micronutrients for aquarium plants.

Each dose of 30ml to 100 liters of water gives a value of 20ppm nitrate and 2ppm phosphate.

Check the label for the guaranteed analysis performed by SGS and confirmed by the EU.


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
jan joosten
all in one en macro

all in one heb ik al een hele tijd en daarom heb ik enn bidon van 5 liter en laatst maro product nu 3 weken gebruikt en mijn aqua plantjes groeien als kool en gezond dank daarvoor het doet wat het beloofd groetjes Jan

John Van Hoorn


Ton Overtoom

Prima plantenvoeding ik heb apart Micro en Macro en experimenteer met de juiste doseringen door de plantengroei te beoordelen.

sam Vildaer
Micro, Macro en Ferro

ik ben overgestapt naar deze 3 apparte voedingsstoffen welke ik nu beter kan afstemmen op de behoefte van mijn planten en in combinatie met een autodoser! ik voeg nu dagelijks ipv wekelijks voedingstoffen toe!

Bennie G.
Gewoon super goed en snel

Gewoon super goed en snel in huis