Pro Scissors – Curved

Looking for quality aquarium scissors? Without ripping your plants loose? Then try these curved Pro Scissors …

  • Surgical Japanese steel: stainless, exceptionally strong & razor sharp
  • Fits easily in your hand: no more sore fingers!
  • Nice and long so you can use the scissors in even the largest tanks
  • Does not bend like cheaper scissors
  • Free advice via the blog, ebooks & mail

The Pro Scissors are ideal for those who prune plants regularly, they last a very long time and stay sharp for a very long time.

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Made of Japanese steel

Super sharp

Does not damage the plant

Grote aquaria

Ideal for medium to large tanks

Regular pruning is a must for any planted tank

If you want a beautiful aquascape then it is important that you prune your aquarium plants regularly. By doing so, you encourage your plants to grow back and expand. This is why grandmasters in aquascaping attach so much importance to it.

The Pro Scissors, sturdy & ergonomic

On eBay, you will probably find cheaper aquarium scissors than these Pro Scissors. But as usual: cheap is expensive. I’ve already experienced it myself: plant scissors that just bend with thicker stems, unsharp scissor blades that do not cut nicely and so on …

With such scissors you do more harm than good. Often you damage the plant tissue or you pull them loose because the scissors don’t cut properly. But with these Pro Scissors you don’t have that problem! They are extremely sharp and sturdy and ensure a nice “cut”.

Free advice tailored to your aquarium

Do you have questions about algae in your tank? Or about aquascaping? Or these scissors? Feel free to send me an e-mail, download one of my free e-books or read the tips and tricks on my blog.


What steel is this made of?

These scissors are made of surgical “Japanese” steel, so they keep their sharpness for a long time and make a perfect cut in the plant tissue. The advantage of this is that it does not damage the plant during pruning.

Do I get the pouch with it?

Yep, the pouch is included!

How should I maintain these scissors?

Just dry it off after pruning and done! After several years of use, you can have it sharpened if necessary.


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Gerard van Bohemen
Pro scissor

Heb de gebogen pro scissor gekocht, en er is wel een kwaliteitsverschil ten opzichte van de andere scharen die ik heb.
Zwaarder en degelijker, ben niet bang dat er speling op komt.

Handige lange schaar van hoge kwaliteit

De schaar werd heel snel geleverd en ik ben er heel blij mee. M'n aquarium is 42cm hoog en dankzij deze lange schaar kan ik makkelijk m'n plantjes snoeien zonder helemaal met m'n arm in het water te gaan.

Danny Princen
Top product!

In eerste instantie dacht ik, dat is best veel geld voor ‘gewoon maar een schaartje’. Maar toen ik het product binnenkreeg merkte ik direct dat het het geld absoluut waard was. Ontzettend fijn in gebruik en echt een ‘premium’ feel.

Dag Danny

Bedankt voor de leuke feedback!

Gilles van PlantedBox

Jonathan Moyson
Pro siccors

Snoeien gaat perfectmet deze schaar,

Bedankt Jonathan!

Gilles van PlantedBox

Gunnar C.
Ligt goed in de hand,

Ligt goed in de hand, mooie opbergetui!