Manifold module for Pro Dual Stage

Want to add CO2 to multiple aquariums with 1 pressure regulator? This expansion module for the PlantedBox Pro Dual Stage pressure regulator makes it possible!

  • Easy to install
  • Very precise needle valve
  • Free bubble counter included

Thanks to this module you can add CO2 to multiple aquariums and also save money by not having to buy another CO2 set.

Original price was: €35,00.Current price is: €30,00.

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Gemakkelijke setup

Easy to install

Several aquariums on 1 regulator

Super precise

Easily expand your Pro Dual Stage

Do you have the PlantedBox Pro Dual Stage CO2 pressure regulator and you are going to add a second aquarium soon? You don’t have to order a completely new CO2 kit, you can simply install an expansion manifold module.

That way you can very easily add CO2 to 2 aquariums via 1 pressure regulator. Because each expansion module has its own needle valve, you can also control each aquarium.

Super precise & fine tuning

The needle valves for the PlantedBox dual stage pressure regulator were completely redesigned based on your feedback. Here we paid particular attention to the user-friendliness of the system and precision.

The result? A needle valve that lies well “in the hand” and works very precisely for excellent fine-tuning of your CO2.

In addition, with each module you also receive a free bubble counter that you mount directly on the needle valve. This allows you to determine the number of “bubbles per second” very easily.

Naaldventiel pro dual stage

Easy to install

With your Pro Dual Stage pressure regulator, you will receive a very clear quick start guide that explains in words and pictures how to easily install your expansion module.

You don’t need to be a technician to expand your pressure regulator, it’s super easy to install!

Free advice

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How many modules can I install?

The Pro Dual Stage pressure regulator can be expanded to a maximum of 5 needle valves, i.e. 5 aquariums!

How do I install the module?

This is very clearly explained in the quick start guide for your Pro Dual Stage pressure regulator.

Do I get the bubble counter with it?

Yep, each module consists of a needle valve and a free bubble counter that you mount directly to the needle valve.