Pro check valve

This industrial check valve makes it super easy to connect your CO2 hose thanks to the “quick connect” and offers optimal protection for your CO2 system.

  • Professional, industrial quality
  • Prevents damage to your CO2 system
  • Works with all rigid CO2 hoses, including those under high pressure
  • Super fast connection and disconnection

Your CO2 system has cost a lot, so choose the security of a professional check valve!


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Past perfect

Works only with the PU hose

Super easy to connect

Industrial quality

Wat is this product?

Have you ever had water seep back into your cabinet through an air or CO2 hose and cause damage? Without knowing it, you could be throwing away your aquarium cabinet or CO2 pressure regulator, because once affected by the water, chances are your equipment will become unusable.

And that’s a shame, of course.

Small investment, great protection

The nice thing about a check valve is that it doesn’t cost much, but still offers a lot of protection for all your beautiful aquarium stuff in your cabinet.

After all, a pressure regulator with a complete aquarium CO2 kit easily costs over 100€. This check valve only costs 5€. So for a few extra euros you have protected your entire CO2 system.

Well worth it, right?

This check valve is compatible with all CO2 systems

This industrial check valve fits all CO2 systems with a rigid CO2 hose, even under high pressure.

The connection is also super easy: just cut your CO2 hose in two, put the check valve in between (note the direction), push the CO2 hose well into the check valve and done.

You will see that in the evening the water runs back into the hose, but is nicely stopped at the level of the valve. Do you want to remove it again? Fine, just press the “tab” and pull the CO2 hose out of the check valve.

Suffering from algae? Or do you just want advice?

No problem. On my website, you’ll find a bevy of helpful aquarium e-books and comprehensive strategies and articles.


How should I install this check valve?

Cut the CO2 hose in 2, make sure you cut nice and straight. Then just push the CO2 hose in the check valve until it can’t go any further. Make sure the arrow on the valve is pointing towards the aquarium.

How do I remove the CO2 hose?

This is easy: just push on the “tab” of the valve with one hand and pull out the CO2 hose with your other hand. If it’s a little stiff, you can pull the hose while “sliding”.

Which CO2 hose fits the Pro Check Valve?

Only our PU hose works with this checkvalve. Our flexible CO2 hose does NOT fit because it is too soft.


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Tim C

Doet wat hij moet doen. De Slang gaat er zeer makkelijk op en af.

Ronnie Welvering
Goede kwaliteit

Stevig materiaal en makkelijk te monteren

Michel Smolders
Tevreden klant

Een heel handig instrumentje

Leo Meijer

Onlangs een terugslagventiel geplaatst. Het ding doet wat hij moet doen, water tegen houden en dat doet hij goed.

Dag Leo

Leuk om te horen dat je tevreden bent van het ventiel!

Gilles van PlantedBox