Pro Dual Stage CO2 regulator

Looking for a super high quality CO2 regulator? Or you want to connect multiple tanks to 1 pressure regulator and control each separately? The new PlantedBox Pro Dual Stage pressure regulator is perfect for this.

  • Full-fledged dual stage pressure regulator with 2 internal diaphragms
  • Expandable needle valves: up to 5 aquariums on 1 CO2 regulator
  • Includes free bubble counter
  • Precise & easy to adjust
  • 12V solenoid valve: very quiet and gets much less hot
  • 10 year warranty on the pressure regulator itself!

This dual stage pressure regulator with expandable needle valves comes completely ready to use. It is easy to install thanks to the super clear quick start guide & you also receive a nice comprehensive e-book (45 pages) to adjust your CO2 perfectly.

Original price was: €220,00.Current price is: €160,00.

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10 year warranty

Up to 5 needle valves

True dual stage

Super precise

A true dual stage

Many CO2 pressure regulators on the market state that they are dual stage, but actually they are a single stage with a piston system or worse … not a dual stage at all.

The Pro Dual Stage CO2 pressure regulator from PlantedBox, however, is a full-fledged dual stage pressure regulator. This means that it has 2 internal diaphragms and springs that keep the working pressure 100% stable, even during an end-of-tank dump.

So you can be sure of the reliability of this system.

dual stage co2 drukregelaar

Extendable needle valves

PlantedBox’s “Pro Dual Stage” CO2 pressure regulator can easily be expanded with multiple needle valves, up to 5 per regulator.

Want to buy a second aquarium and add CO2 to that one too? No problem, just order and install the Plantedbox expansion module, it’s super to install and afterwards you can perfectly add CO2 to both aquariums.

Unlike a CO2 splitter, PlantedBox’s expandable needle valves allow you to control each tank completely separately.

Super precise for optimal CO2

The needle valves of the Pro Dual Stage CO2 pressure regulator were redesigned based on feedback I received from customers and readers. The result? A super precise needle valve that is very easy to adjust.

Each needle valve also comes with its own bubble counter that you mount directly on the needle valve. This allows you to very accurately set the number of bubbles per second for your aquarium.

With a correct CO2 setting you can prevent algae and create the aquascape you have long dreamed of.

gemakkelijk in te stellen

Easy to install & set up

Nothing more annoying than receiving a product without a manual after which you have to figure out on the Internet how to install your CO2 regulator. Not with PlantedBox’s CO2 pressure regulators! In fact, each pressure regulator comes with a super clear quick start guide.

Moreover, you will also receive an e-book of no less than 45 pages (!) that explains how to set your CO2 perfectly to get the most out of your aquarium and your regulator.


Does this dual stage pressure regulator work with refillable CO2 bottles?

Yes, this dual stage CO2 pressure regulator works perfectly with refillable CO2 bottles with a W21.8 connection. This is the European standard connection for refillable CO2 cylinders.

Is this CO2 pressure regulator compatible with disposable bottles?

No, unfortunately not, it only works with refillable bottles. Anyway, I recommend working with refillable CO2 bottles, it comes out cheaper in the long run.

How should I install it?

This is explained very clearly in words and pictures in the quick start guide you get for free with your dual stage CO2 pressure regulator.

Do I need to order a solenoid valve?

No, that is not necessary. There is already a 12V solenoid valve mounted on the CO2 pressure regulator.

Do I need a timer?

Yes, I recommend plugging your pressure regulator into a timer. Then you can control when the solenoid valve automatically opens or shuts off the CO2.

Should I replace the gasket? How often?

The dual stage CO2 pressure regulator comes with a premounted gasket, so you don’t need to mount another one. However, I do recommend replacing it regularly, e.g. when you replace the CO2 bottle or when you see visible damage to the gasket. You can find a set of gaskets here.

Is it compatible with pH controllers?

Yes, you can connect this CO2 pressure regulator to a pH controller. Only the Milwaukee MC122 is not compatible because it only works with 220V solenoid valves and not 12V solenoid valves.

Is the solenoid valve 12V or 220V?

All PlantedBox solenoid valves operate at 12V. This ensures that the solenoid valve is quieter and also gets less hot, making it last longer. Of course, you can use the solenoid valve on a regular outlet.

At how much working pressure should I set this pressure regulator

It depends on what you are using: with a diffuser or atomizer I recommend 2 bar, with a reactor it can be as low as 1 bar. Note, the more needle valves you use, the higher you need to set the working pressure for correct operation.

How many years of warranty do I get?

The Pro Dual Stage CO2 pressure regulator comes with a 10 year warranty on the pressure regulator and 4 years on the solenoid valve.

What is a dual stage pressure regulator?

A dual stage CO2 pressure regulator has not 1 but 2 internal diaphragms that ensure that the working pressure remains continuously stable, even during a so-called “end-of-tank dump” where the pressure from the CO2 bottle suddenly rises.

Note: many (especially Chinese) dealers report that their pressure regulator is dual stage, but often this is not the case and “dual gauge” is meant. So don’t be fooled!

You can recognize a true dual stage regulator by the fact that it is larger than a normal model, because it has 2 valves and there must be enough room for them in the regulator. See below for a cross section.

dual stage aquarium CO2 drukregelaar
Doorsnee van een dual stage drukregelaar