Pro bubble counter

Do you want to equip your PlantedBox pressure regulator with a quality bubble counter? Then the Pro bubble counter is a real must-have. You screw it directly onto the needle valve, fill it up and that’s it.

The advantages at a glance

  • Fits perfectly on the PlantedBox pressure regulator
  • Built-in check valve
  • Very easy to fill with water
  • Can be completely dismantled for maintenance
  • CO2 bubbles are super easy to read
  • Free advice via the blog, ebooks & mail

With this metal bubble counter you can easily read the amount of CO2 bubbles and fine tune your CO2!

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Past perfect

Fits perfectly on the PlantedBox regulator


Built-in check valve

Easy to fill with water

Super easy to install bubble counter

The advantage of this CO2 bubble counter? It’s super easy to install. You just screw it directly onto the needle valve of the PlantedBox pressure regulator. Then you unscrew the cap, fill the chamber with some tap water, put the cap back on and connect the CO2 hose.

The aquarium bubble counter can be completely taken apart for proper maintenance if possible. The rubbers can also be removed to lubricate them, for example, so that you can always be sure of a good seal. The bottom and top are made of metal and the transparent part of solid plastic.

Quality assured.

Better CO2 adjustment

Sometimes there is a delay on the amount of “bubbles per second” CO2 you set in classic bubble counters, especially if your CO2 hose between the bubble counter and the needle valve is very long. That’s no longer a problem with this model.

Because the Pro bubble counter is mounted directly on the needle valve, you can also immediately see the amount of bubbles per second you set when you adjust the needle valve. In this way you can immediately be sure what your current setting is, you can finetune your CO2 much better and … that in turn translates into healthier aquarium plants and less chance of algae.

A win-win situation, both for you as a user and for your plants.

Free advice tailored to your aquarium

Do you still have questions about CO2? Or are you bothered by algae? No problem, as a PlantedBox customer you can get advice tailored to your tank through my extensive blog articles or the free e-books.

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Does this bubble counter fit the PlantedBox pressure regulator?

Yep, it is made to be installed directly on the needle valve of the PlantedBox CO2 pressure regulator.

Does it also fit other pressure regulators?

Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee this because there are different types of connections and often this is not mentioned with competing brands.

How should I fill it?

Just disconnect the CO2 hose, take off the cap, fill with water, put the cap back on and reconnect. Be careful not to lose the sealing ring while filling.

What material is this made of?

The Pro bubble counter is made of steel, the transparent part is plexiglass.

Does it have a built-in check valve?

Yes, it does, but that check valve is mainly for stopping the water in the bubble counter. I always recommend adding an additional check valve to prevent water backflow from the aquarium.


Customer Reviews

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Henk V
Doet wat ie doen moet.

Installatie is eenvoudig, hij oogt professioneel en werkt zoals bedoeld.

Top Bellenteller!

Bellenteller pro, doet wat het moet doen!

Firmin Van Hove

Werkt prima en snelle levering

Renard Bolander

Zoals altijd perfect, goede kwaliteit met duidelijke uitleg!

Jl koster

Prima product makkelijk te installeren op de drukregelaar en goed af testellen en af telezen