Violet lily pipe

Do you have a deep tank and want some more flow at the bottom? Or do you want to get rid of those ugly, green filter tubes? Then this glass lily pipe set is for you.

  • Ideal for deep aquariums: more flow at the bottom for your carpeting plants
  • Safe for small fish thanks to the narrow slots: they will not be sucked up
  • Made of reinforced borosilicate glass
  • Inlet & outlet in 1 kit

Because the lily pipe is completely made of glass, it does not stand out in your tank. And it creates a nice vortex in your tank so you get an excellent flow through your tank. Ideal for your plants!

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Strong lab grade glass

Elegant model

Super elegant design

Ideal voor deep aquariums

More flow for your carpeting plants

Did you have a rather deep aquarium? And would you like to have more flow at the bottom? Then this Violet lily pipe is a good fit for you because it is specially made for deeper aquariums. A problem with many deep tanks is the flow at the bottom. Often it is very weak, leaving waste from, for example, fish, plants and food on the bottom. The result: it looks ugly and you also have a chance of algae growth in those places.

Thanks to the Violet lily pipe you can now create flow in places that are difficult to reach. Due to the much narrower “cut” of the filter outlet, the flow goes down instead of straight. Ideal for removing all that waste at the bottom of the tank.

At the same time sturdy and aesthetic

The Violet lily pipe (inlet + outlet) is made of laboratory glass. This has two advantages: first, it is completely transparent which makes it barely noticeable in your aquarium. So you can fully focus on your aquascape instead of those ugly standard filter tubes.

Second, the borosilicate glass is much stronger than the glass used in cheap lily pipes. As a result, it will last much longer and you won’t have to worry about it cracking. Investing in a good glass lily pipe is investing in your aquascape!

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Choose the size that fits your tank perfectly

The Violet lily pipe from PlantedBox is available in 3 different sizes:

The Medium 60cm: ideal for aquariums of 60 to 90cm with a hose diameter of 12/16mm
The Medium 90cm: for aquariums of 90cm or more with a hose diameter of 12/16mm
The Large: for all aquariums larger than 90cm and a hose diameter of 16/22mm

The main difference here is the height, the hose diameter as well as the size of the “calyx”. You can find the complete overview in the FAQ below.

Free advice

Do you have questions about this product? Or are you struggling with algae and need some advice? Get access to the help articles on the blog and download my free e-books.


How should I connect my lily pipe?

Free suction cups are included with each lily pipe. Simply attach to your lily pipe & then “stick” to the outside of your tank. Make sure all air is gone from under the suction cup & that the lily pipe is straight.

How do I place the hose on the lily pipe?

Be careful! Be sure not to apply pressure, as you risk breaking it under the force of your hands, even though the glass is reinforced.

It is easier to soften the filter hose back a bit by putting it in boiling water. Then slowly & carefully slide it over the lily pipe.

How do I clean my lily pipe?

The easiest way is to push the filter hose upward (i.e., as if you were connecting the hose to the lily pipe for the first time). In doing so, you break the “air seal” which then allows you to easily slide the filter hose back off the lily pipe. Then you can use a pipe brush to clean the inside and some filter wool to clean the outside. But be careful, because it is and remains glass.

What are the different dimensions?

The PlantedBox Violet lily pipe is available in 3 different sizes, according to the size of your aquarium. Not 100% sure what you need? Feel free to contact me!

Model Item Hose Total width Height Spacing Size of “calyx” Aquarium
Violet Medium – 60cm Inlet 12/16mm 7cm 24cm 5cm Between 60 and 90cm
Violet Medium – 60cm Outlet 12/16mm 15cm 18cm 10cm 1,5 x 6cm (BxH) Between 60 and 90cm
Violet Medium – 90cm Inlet 12/16mm 7cm 30cm 5cm Between 90 and 120cm
Violet Medium – 90cm Outlet 12/16mm 18cm 18cm 10cm 2 x 7cm (BxH) Between 90 and 120cm
Violet Large Inlet 16/22mm 8cm 30cm 5cm Bigger than 120cm
Violet Large Outlet 16/22mm 18cm 18cm 10m 2 x 8cm (BxH) Bigger than 120cm


Customer Reviews

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Bart Geboers
Dit komt pas echt tot zijn recht in het echt

Het materiaal waarmee deze in- en outflow vervaardigd zijn, maakt dat ze echt in het oog springen op een goede manier dan! Het zijn stijlvolle instrumenten die doen wat er op de website vermeld staat. Kunnen makkelijk discreet geplaatst worden i´ het aquarium. Ik had wat problemen met de met de eerste verzending maar ik werd onmiddellijk gerustgesteld door de oplossing die enthousiast werd aangeboden! Als er ook een skimmer in dit materiaal verkocht zou worden, spring ik er meteen op, zo stijlvol en tegelijk discreet, dit materiaal!

Tonnie Nijenhuis

Violet lily pipe

frederik deveughele
voilet lilly pipe

bestelling kwam mooi op tijd en goed verpakt toe. doet wat het beloofd en geeft een mooie stroming aan de onderkant van mijn bak. dus ik ben er zeer tevreden mee .

H Boom
Lilly pipes @Co2 tester

Goede kwaliteit en mooi design!!!

Elvira Reichert
Lili Pipe violette

die Lili Pipe violette ist heil bei mir angekommen. Sie war sehr gut verpackt, alles dufte

Hallo Elvira

Danke für Ihre Review!

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,
Gilles von PlantedBox