“Regular” CO2 diffuser

This CO2 diffuser allows you to add CO2 to your tank easily and efficiently. The result? Your plants get a nice green color, become “fuller” and you have less problems with algae.

  • Opticlear glass: very clear glass so it does not disturb your aquascape
  • Beautiful minimalist design: looks very luxurious
  • Reinforced glass for extra safety & easy cleaning
  • Includes suction cup for secure attachment: will not come loose easily

With proper CO2 distribution, good plant nutrition and regular refreshes, you can achieve the scape of your dreams.

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Made of lab grade glass

Elegant model

Great design

Gemakkelijke setup

Easy to install

CO2 for healthy plant growth

Did you know that carbon is one of the most important nutrients of all plants, including those in your aquarium? Without CO2 (carbon) you can never achieve that beautiful full growth you see in the aquariums of the great aquascapers like Takashi Amano and Oliver Knott.

This CO2 diffuser is an easy way to add CO2. It produces tiny CO2 bubbles that are carried away by the current and then dissolve. Moreover, a glass CO2 diffuser in your tank also looks very nice.

Only top quality for your plants, right?

“Why should I buy these when I can get them cheaper on Ebay?”, you ask yourself now? Well, ask yourself why those CO2 diffusers are so cheap. Usually, those manufacturers save heavily on the quality of the glass and membrane. Result? Faster breakdown and less good CO2 distribution. Consequence for your plants: poorer growth and maybe even algae.

And you want to avoid that, don’t you?

This handmade diffuser is made of borosilicate glass which is many times stronger. Also, the membrane is of a much better quality which means that the CO2 bubbles are much smaller, more easily dispersed and better absorbed by your aquarium plants. Result? Much better plant growth! And that’s worth those few euros more, isn’t it?

Free advice tailored to your aquarium

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How much working pressure do I need?

The Regular diffuser needs at least 1.5 bar operating pressure to create bubbles. A good aquarium pressure regulator can help you with this.

How should I maintain the diffuser?

When doing water changes, you can put the diffuser in a solution of 1 part bleach to 10 parts water for half an hour. Then rinse very well and put it back.

What material is the Regular Diffuser made of?

It is made of very high quality and beautiful clear laboratory glass.


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Henk Verfaillie

Goed materiaal.Mijn CO2 wordt goed verspreid met behulp van uitlaat filter en een stromingspompje.Mijn planten groeien zéér goed.Ben zéér tevreden en zal nog bestellingen plaatsen bij Plantedbox.

Rudi Van den Hout
Diffuser co2

Zeer goed en betrouwbaar toestel , zeer goed af te regelen

A Veltman

Een advies gevraagd gevraagt via e mail. Een goede uitleg door aquarium specialist.

Peter S.
De diffuser doet zijn werk

De diffuser doet zijn werk perfect en hij is zo goed als onzichtbaar! Echt een aanrader

Patrick D.
Werkt perfect

Werkt perfect