Plastic bubble counter

This plastic aquarium bubble counter is ideal for concealing in your aquarium cabinet or to install on the side of your aquarium.

  • Super easy to fill: just unscrew the cap
  • Easy to mount in the cabinet or on the aquarium glass
  • Sturdy plastic connections for standard CO2 hoses

With this bubble counter you can clearly read how many bubbles of CO2 you are adding to your aquarium. This will allow for safer adjustment, which is good for both your plants and your fish!


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With built-in check valve

Easy to fill

Past perfect

Fits all 4/6mm hoses

Conveniently mounted in your aquarium cabinet

This aquarium bubble counter comes with a holder so you can quickly mount it in your aquarium cabinet. Simply pre-drill a hole in your cabinet and secure the holder with a small screw. Then slide the bubble counter into the holder and … done!

The bubble counter is now neatly tucked away in your aquarium cabinet, together with your CO2 kit, your filter and other aquarium equipment. No more clutter around your tank and you can focus entirely on your aquascape.

Prefer to mount it outside your cabinet? That’s possible too, with the included suction cup which you can place on the holder and then against your aquarium window.

A bubble counter that you fill quickly

A glass bubble counter is extremely stylish, ideal for a handsome aquascape. They do have 1 drawback: refilling can be tricky.

This model does not have that disadvantage. You just unscrew the cap and fill the bubble counter with water. Take the cap off, screw it on carefully and you can continue adding CO2 to your aquarium.

Need advice?

Are you struggling with algae? Or do you have questions about adjusting your CO2, improving your plant growth or anything else? Fine, you can download free e-books on my website, read comprehensive anti-algae strategies, read helpful blogs … Be sure to do so!


Does this model have a check valve?

Yes, the check valve is built-in. However, this is primarily intended to stop the backflow of water into the bubble counter. I recommend installing a separate check valve against water backflow from your aquarium.

How should I fill the bubble counter?

Just disconnect from the CO2 hose, screw off the cap, fill and put the cap back on and connect to the hose. Just make sure you don’t lose the gasket.

Does this bubble counter require maintenance?

No, maintenance is basically not necessary unless you use very hard water. Then lime residue can be left behind. I recommend using RO water.


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Harry Boodts

Hallo Gilles, ik heb ook een CO2 diffuser bij jou besteld maar ik mis een beetje een handleiding of plannetje. Grtn Harry

harry bregten
Bellen teller

Prima die bellen teller planten box ik gebruik bij mijn co2 werkt goed aan raden waard.

Mischa Colard

Zoals altijd enorm tevreden met zowel het product als de levering.

Arnoud Hes
Mooi design, maar lekt i.c.m. de “Regular” CO2 diffuser

Na in gebruik nemen druppelteller bleek deze water te lekken aan de onderzijde. Ook na gebruik van Teflontape om het schroefdraad ging dit niet weg. Vlg. mij wordt dit veroorzaakt door de hoge druk die in de slangen aanwezig is door het gebruiken van de CO2 diffusor.

Dag Arnoud

Kun je checken of de dichtingsring aanwezig is? Deze bellenteller hoort gewoon te werken met de werkdruk die nodig is voor de diffuser.

Stuur mij ook gerust een mailtje naar en we bespreken samen een oplossing.

Gilles van PlantedBox