“Bulb” glass bubble counter

With the “Bulb” aquarium bubble counter you can easily count the amount of CO2 bubbles going into your tank. Ideal for the correct adjustment of your CO2!

  • Extra strong thanks to borosilicate glass
  • Complete set with suction cups & check valve
  • Looks great and elegant on your aquarium

This bubble counter is a small investment with a big impact, because you will have better control over the amount of CO2 going into your aquarium. And that in turn means better CO2 for your plants and safer for your fish.

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Made of durable glass

Elegant model

Super elegant design


With free check valve

Wat is this product?

Do you want to know how many bubbles of CO2 you should add to your tank so that you can keep the amount of CO2 nice and constant and your plants can grow optimally?

Do you want to avoid gassing your fish by accidentally adjusting your needle valve incorrectly?

This “Bulb” CO2 bubble counter can help you with that. Just fill it with some water, install it on the CO2 hose … and you’re done. And it looks pretty stylish too!

No risk of dead fish!

Good CO2 is important for a healthy planted aquarium, but unfortunately it can also be dangerous.

Now suppose: you are replacing your CO2 bottle and you accidentally open the needle valve a little more than usual, which means you are actually adding a lot more CO2 than before. This can be dangerous for your fish, because if you add too much CO2, you can suffocate them.

Fortunately, if you connect this glass bubble counter to your CO2 hose, you can prevent this from happening. By knowing how many bubbles per second (or minute) you are adding to your aquarium, you can check that the number of bubbles is correct every time you replace your CO2 cylinder.

A lot safer than adjusting at random, right?

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Convenient and stylish bubble counter

Being made 100% of borosilicate glass, the “Bulb” aquarium bubble counter is very bright in color and also extra strong compared to cheaper bubble counters.

Moreover, its beautiful round shape makes it truly unique and an added value to your entire CO2 kit. You wouldn’t want to hide something like that in a cluttered aquarium cabinet, would you?

Want advice for your aquarium?

Not sure if you are adding enough CO2 to your tank? Or you want to invest in a CO2 pressure regulator, but you can’t see the wood for the trees anymore? Or you have algae or other problems?

Fine, you can download one of my many e-books or read my strategies on the blog.


How do you connect a bubble counter?

  1. Connect the check valve to the bubble counter
  2. Hold the bubble counter (top) & check valve (bottom) straight
  3. Fill the bubble counter with water via a syringe
  4. Connect the bubble counter to your diffuser via a flexible CO2 hose
  5. Ready

How many bubbles do I need to add?

A guideline I use myself for planted tanks:

  • 1 bubble per second for a 100 liter aquarium
  • 2 bubbles per second for a 200 liter aquarium


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Mevrouw.J.R van den Brink
Glazen bulb

Kan er helaas niets over zeggen, door mijn eigen toedoen brak de hals af toen ik de slang er ging opschuiven. Maar het zag er mooi uit. Heb daarna een echte co2 set besteld. En daar zat een kunstof bulb bij dat ging wel goed

Michel Groen
Bulb glazen bellenteller

Goed product net als de plantenvoeding all in one !

Hans Ranson

prachtig en zeer mooi

Dag Hans

Het is zeker niet de bedoeling dat het terugslagventiel er niet bij zit. Ik stuur je eentje apart op!

Wat betreft het lezen van de bellen: let er op dat de bellenteller mooi verticaal zit, zodat de bubbels correct verticaal stijgen.

Gilles van PlantedBox

Chris Clinckx
Oogt zeer mooi :-)

Zoals gewoonlijk weer super service en het oogt zeer mooi en sierlijk naast de bak.

Hey Chris

Bedankt, leuk om te horen dat je tevreden bent.

Gilles van PlantedBox