Jet Lily Pipe

The Jet lily pipe creates a tight, strong flow. Ideal for aquariums that could use a little more water circulation or want to replace a plastic filter pipe.

  • Made of strong glass, less likely to break!
  • Very beautiful & easy to clean
  • Ideal for long aquariums or with a weak filter
  • Transparent, does not disturb your aquascape
  • Safe for small fish
  • Set consisting of inlet & outlet

Not only does it improve the flow in your tank, but because it’s made of glass, you can barely see it. Two birds with one stone.

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Lab grade glass

Elegant model

Super elegant design

Ideal for strong current

Wat is this product?

Unlike the Flow lily pipe, the Jet has a straight outlet that is slightly flat on the end. The effect? A strong, wide jet throughout the tank. Ideal if you have an aquarium which requires a strong, straight-line flow. For example, very long tanks or when you have a weak filter.

And don’t forget: the Jet lily pipe looks great too!

Good flow in your tank = nice healthy plants

Did you know that a good current is essential for a plant aquarium? It ensures that all the important nutrients are transported to your plants as well as removing bad waste products. This not only improves plant growth, it also prevents algae growth. Two birds with one stone.

Do you want a beautiful, healthy planted tank? Then be sure to check that your flow is good.

No more ugly filter tubes, focus on your aquascape

Nothing as annoying as those ugly green tubes from your external filter in your aquarium, right? It just disturbs your aquarium and draws attention away from your aquarium plants.

Get rid of those ugly green tubes thanks to the Jet lily pipe. The Jet is made of glass which makes it almost unnoticeable in your tank. Moreover, not just any glass, but borosilicate glass which makes it extra sturdy.

PS: the Jet lily pipe is available in 2 sizes, you can find a clear overview in the tab “Dimensions”.

Free advice for your planted tank

Do you have questions about circulation in your tank? Want to know how to get rid of your algae? Check out my e-books and blog articles!

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How should I connect my lily pipe?

Free suction cups are included with each lily pipe. Simply attach to your lily pipe & then “stick” to the outside of your aquarium. Make sure all air is gone from under the suction cup & that the lily pipe is straight.

How do I connect the hose to the lily pipe?

Be careful! Be sure not to apply pressure, as you risk breaking it under the force of your hands, even though the glass is reinforced.

It is easier to soften the filter hose a bit by putting it in boiling water. Then slowly & carefully slide it over the lily pipe.

How do I clean my lily pipe?

Place the lily pipe in a solution of 2/10 bleach to water and scrub everything clean with a “pipe brush” for filter tubes. Then rinse well.

What are the dimensions?

Below are the different sizes of the PlantedBox “Jet” lily pipes. Not 100% sure? Send me an email!

Model Item Filter hose Total width Height Spacing Size of aquarium
Jet Nano Inlet 9/12mm 4cm 13,5cm 1,5cm Smaller than 45cm
Jet Nano Outlet 9/12mm 6cm 15cm 1,5cm  Smaller than 45cm
Jet Medium Inlet 12/16mm 5cm 15cm 1,5cm Larger than 45cm
Jet Medium Outlet 12/16mm 8cm 15cm 1,5cm Larger than 45cm


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Martijn Van Doorn ( Nordicscaper)
Super kwaliteit Lily Pipe set.

Erg mooie Lily Pipe set van super kwaliteit!
Makkelijk te monteren en simpel in onderhoud.
En ziet er geweldig uit in het aquarium.

Rafal Tokarski

Jet Lily Pipe