Flow Lily Pipe

Tired of those ugly filter tubes? Want an aquascape with a sleek look? Or are you looking for a filter outlet that creates a good flow? This lily pipe set does it all.

  • Translucent, doesn’t disturb your aquascape
  • Sturdy laboratory glass for added safety. Breaks less easily!
  • Creates the ideal flow for your planted tank
  • Adds oxygen to your tank without expelling CO2
  • Looks exceptionally beautiful
  • Set consisting of inlet & outlet

The Flow lily pipe is ideal for a planter with a large amount of plants. It brings important nutrients to even the most difficult corners!

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Strong lab grade glass

Elegant model

Super elegant design

Ideal water flow

"Flow" lily pipe: the invisible filter inlet and outlet

Do you use an external aquarium filter? Are you tired of those ugly, green filter tubes? Then the “Flow” lily pipe is an excellent alternative. You hardly see it in your tank and it creates the ideal flow. This lily pipe set (inlet + outlet) is made of laboratory glass. This makes it not only invisible (or almost), it is also much stronger than other glass.

True, you can find cheaper sets on eBay, but the glass of those is often three times thinner than this lily pipe. The result? At the slightest, the lily pipe breaks with all the consequences: your aquarium empties, your cabinet gets warped by the water and the floor is 1 big puddle!

Save yourself all those nasty situations and choose for quality, it will last much longer & you will have more fun with it.

Ideal for good flow in your tank

I myself have a lily pipe on my nano tank. What I love, besides the fact that they are transparent, is that they provide a good flow in your tank. Because of the shape of the outlet, it creates a deep and wide water flow. Result: waste products are better disposed of and nutrients are more easily brought to the plants. This not only makes your aquarium cleaner, it also helps your plants grow better.

By the way, if your filter is strong enough, a small “vortex” is created just below the water surface. Ideal for bringing some oxygen into the water for your fish, without expelling your CO2.

Different sizes: "perfect fit" with your aquarium

Depending on the size of your aquarium, you can fit a different Flow lily pipe. In the FAQ below, I explain which model you need for your tank. Depending on the size of your aquarium, the spacing, the hose diameter and the width of the “calyx” will differ for optimal water circulation.

Still not 100% sure which size you need? Feel free to send me an email!

Free advice

Do you have questions about your tank? Got algae you can’t get rid of? I’m happy to help you, completely free of charge. Just visit my blog or check out my free e-books!


How should I connect my lily pipe?

You get free suction cups with your “Flow” lily pipe. You can “stick” the lily pipe to the outside of your aquarium. Make sure that there is as little air as possible under the suction cups and that your lily pipe is upright.

How do I install the hose on the lily pipe?

Be careful because it is and always will be glass, even if it is reinforced laboratory glass. You should certainly never apply pressure, and certainly not on the bent pieces.

The best way is to soften your filter hose by dipping the end in boiling water for about ten seconds. Then slowly slide the hose over the bottom piece of your lily pipe, to about 1cm or more over the edge.

How do I clean my lily pipe?

The safest way is to push the filter hose upward (as if you were attaching the hose for the first time). By doing so, you break the “air seal” and can much more easily slide the filter hose back down. Then just clean the lily pipe and filter hose with a tube brush and some filter wool.

What are the dimensions?

Below are the different sizes of the PlantedBox “Flow” lily pipes. Not 100% sure? Send me an email.

Model Item Hose Total width Height Spacing Size of “calyx” Aquarium
Flow Nano Inlet 9/12mm 5cm 18cm 2,5cm Smaller than 45cm
Flow Nano Outlet 9/12mm 5cm 11cm 3cm 2cm Smaller than 45cm
Flow Medium – 45cm Inlet 12/16mm 7cm 24cm 4,5cm Between 45 and 60cm
Flow Medium – 45cm Outlet 12/16mm 15cm 18,5cm 6cm 4cm Between 45 and 60cm
Flow Medium – 60cm Inlet  12/16mm 7cm 24cm 4,5cm Between 60 and 90cm
Flow Medium – 60cm Outlet  12/16mm 15cm 18cm 5,5cm 5cm Between 60 and 90cm
Flow Medium – 90cm Inlet  12/16mm 7cm 30cm 4,5cm Between 60 and 90cm
Flow Medium – 90cm Outlet  12/16mm 16cm 18cm 5,5cm 6cm Between 60 and 90cm
Flow Large Inlet 16/22mm 8cm 30cm 5cm Larger than 120cm
Flow Large Outlet 16/22mm 16.5cm 18cm 5,5cm 6cm Larger than 120cm


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Lily pipes

Super mooie Lily pipes van degelijke kwaliteit.
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Flow Lily Pipe

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Goed product goede service

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Karel Mallants
Flow Lily Pipe systeem voor een cichliden bak.

Ik ben zeer tevreden over dit systeem, we hebben nu een duidelijk verbeterde stroming in de bak...