External CO2 atomizer

Want to get CO2 into your tank in an efficient way? Then I definitely recommend this external CO2 atomizer. It is ideal for tanks with an external filter, just connect it to the filter hose and done.

  • Made of sturdy plastic: unbreakable
  • The CO2 hose screws on for extra safety
  • Produces very small bubbles: better for your plants
  • Not visible in your aquarium, ideal for a sleek aquascape

The CO2 bubbles stick to the leaves, making it easier for the plants to absorb the CO2 and grow a lot better. Ideal, right?

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Not visible in aquarium

Creates a very fine mist

Made of strong ABS plastic

The importance of good CO2 for a beautiful aquascape

Did you know that CO2 is very important for your aquarium plants? In fact, it is one of the most important  “building blocks” for plants in general, whether they are in your aquarium or on your patio. Without good CO2, no healthy plants. Without CO2 your plants will stop growing, they start getting slimy and you end up with algae, often thread algae or beard algae.

This is why it’s so important to provide your plants with enough carbon. With this external CO2 atomizer you can easily add CO2 to your tank without too much visible equipment.

The External Atomizer, invisible but extremely efficient

Are you also someone who likes to have a tank without too much visible equipment and with the focus purely on your aquascape? Well, this atomizer connects externally to your aquarium filter and is not installed in your aquarium itself. Ideal for a “clean” aquascape without distracting equipment.

The great thing about this CO2 atomizer? You connect it to the output hose of your external filter in no time. Just cut the hose in two, insert the atomizer and screw on the rings. Then attach the CO2 hose and you’re done! You can now provide plenty of CO2 for your aquarium plants.

And the best part? It produces tiny bubbles that are easily dispersed throughout your tank and stick to the leaves of your plants. This makes it easier for them to absorb the CO2 and grow better. Combine this with the extra nutrients with our All-in-One fertilizer and your plants will “pop,” so to speak.

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How should I connect my atomizer to the CO2 system?

Connect the atomizer to your CO2 system via a CO2-resistant hose. Don’t forget to place a check valve between your system and the CO2 atomizer. Set the operating pressure of the pressure regulator to at least 2 bar. The CO2 bubbles (looks a bit like fog) should run out of the atomizer after a while.

How should I connect my atomizer to the filter?

Just put it between your filter hose. Tip: place it as low as possible, so the bubbles have a longer way to travel in the filter hose and thus dissolve faster before reaching the tank.

Help, I don't see any CO2 bubbles?

You probably have a leak somewhere, check with some soapy water or our leak detector. It is also possible that the working pressure is not yet high enough. I recommend a working pressure of 2 to 2.5 bar.

The hose pops off every time!

You are probably using a hose that is not CO2 resistant and cannot handle the higher pressure. It’s best to replace it with a sturdier hose. Definitely do not use a hose intended for oxygen pumps.

How should I clean my CO2 atomizer?

Make a solution of 1 to 2 parts bleach bleach to 10 parts water and place the CO2 atomizer in this solution. Gently scrub the inside with a “tube brush” for aquarium hoses. Then rinse very well. If there’s some bleach inside, push it out with CO2 by connecting the CO2 hose to it and oening the CO2 regulator.


Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Stevig, onopvallend en werkt perfect!

Is van goede kwaliteit, door het aansluiten op de uitgang van de externe filter heb je geen diffusor in je bak, en ik heb een goede co2 distributie door het hele aquarium met weinig tot geen bubbels overal!

Riny Heuvelman
Had ik veel eerder moeten doen…

Na een hoop gedoe met CO2 diffusers, toch deze maar een keer geprobeerd. Geweldig! Geen storend attribuut in m’n aquarium, minder CO2 verbruik, een betere plantengroei en minder alg! Gilles, dankjewel!

Ellen Mans

Gemakkelijk te installeren. Werkt goed.

Goed werkende atomizer

Ik had niet eerder ervaring met atomizers, maar gelukkig is op de website erg goed uitgelegd hoe/waar je het moet installeren. De atomizer produceert inderdaad kleinere belletjes dan een gewone diffuzor, het lijkt bijna een soort mist van een afstand. Verder ging het monteren op de slang makkelijk, dus al in al een goed product.

Bert Jager

De diffusor vervangen door een Externe atomizer en ben er heel blij mee.