Flexible CO2 hose

This CO2 hose is nice and flexible, making it very easy to slide it over the connection of your CO2 diffuser or bubble counter.

  • Fits easily on glass accessories
  • Pressure resistant and does not allow CO2 to pass through
  • Easy to get into a certain shape
  • 4/6mm light gray, transparent color for a clean look

The price is per meter. For example, if you want to order 5 meters of this CO2 hose, buy 5 pieces.

Original price was: €1,50.Current price is: €1,40.

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Easy to intsall

Past perfect

4/6 mm hose

Very flexible

Wat is this product?

Got a nice diffuser, but it’s particularly difficult to mount that CO2 hose to your diffuser?

You can. In fact, normal CO2 hoses can be very stiff, making the installing it on certain types of diffuser very difficult. Even worse: sometimes you can’t get the normal hose on at all and you just break the diffuser.

That can’t be the intention!

Pressure resistant for CO2 and fits on any diffuser

This CO2 hose can solve that problem.

It’s super flexible, making it much easier and safer to fit over the connection of your diffuser, bubble counter or other glass accessory. Plus, you can use suction cups to stick it in the desired position on your aquarium glass for a nice clean look. Just like the Japanese aquascapes.

The hose is light gray in color and transparent so it won’t stand out in your setup.

Need some advice?

Do you have questions about your CO2 system? Are you suffering from algae or are your aquarium plants not growing as they should? Check the blog for advice, download one of the free e-books or read the guides!

Definitely do it!


How do I slide the CO2 hose over the diffuser connector?

Warm the hose in a cup of hot water and carefully slide the hose over the end of the diffuser. Never press on the “bend” of the diffuser connector. Once the hose is completely over the end, slide it further over.

I need to use several meters of CO2 hose. Is it possible?

Yes, that is possible but I still recommend using the pressure hose in that case to avoid possible CO2 loss.

How often should I replace the CO2 hose?

The hose lasts a very long time, but it is best to replace it preventively once a year if it is connected to a CO2 system.


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Pieter Lokhorst
Servicegericht en klantvriendelijk

Na lang wachten vanwege het niet op voorraad zijn heb ik uiteindelijk een Flexibele CO2 slang ontvangen. De servicegerichtheid van PlantedBox was hierbij groot. Vanwege deelleveringen door het niet op voorraad zijn werd dit artikel kostenloos toegezonden met leuke attenties voor het ongemak.
Daarnaast werden vragen over de juiste artikelkeuze correct en met het nodige advies beantwoord.

Ids Achterhof
flexibele co2 slang

ik vind de flexibele co2 slang vooral handig bij weinig ruimte als ik haakse hoeken om moet, en een t stuk tussen oude co2 slang wil plaatsen.