PU CO2 hose

Looking for a good aquarium CO2 hose that retains its quality for a long time and won’t snap off when you increase your CO2 working pressure? Try this hose!

  • Professional, industrial quality: does not leak or harden
  • Will not snap, even under high pressure
  • 4/6mm, so it fits any aquarium CO2 system

The price is per meter. So if you want 5 meters of CO2 hose, then add 5 pieces to your cart and you will receive 1 piece of hose of 5 meters.

Original price was: €1,50.Current price is: €1,40.

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Perfect for high pressure

Easy to install

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4/6 mm hose

Wat is this product?

Looking for a good quality CO2 hose that does not snap off when you adjust the pressure of your CO2 system? This PU CO2 hose (polyurethane) works great for any aquarium CO2 kit.

Furthermore, it is nice and clear for a nice finish in your aquarium cabinet or on the side of your aquarium.

Fits all CO2 systems, including high pressure systems

This CO2 hose is made of high quality, industrial PU which makes it particularly long-lasting, does not allow CO2 to pass through, nor does it break. Even when used for a long time.

The diameter is 4/6mm (inner and outer dimensions), so it can be perfectly connected to any type of CO2 system you currently find on the aquarium market. For example, my pressure regulator with precision needle valve.

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How do I connect the CO2 hose?

That depends on the device you want to connect it to. With the Pro bubble counter or Plastic Check Valve, you just slide it over the nipple. With the Pro Check Valve, you plug it directly into the valve.

I can't attach the hose to my diffuser?

Soften the CO2 hose a bit by sticking it in a glass of boiling water for 30 seconds. After that, it should be much easier!

How often should I replace this hose?

This CO2 hose is of industrial quality and therefore lasts a very long time, but purely preventively you can replace it 1x per year or 2 years.