How to attach aquarium moss: the blender method




February 27, 2014

Aquarium mos vasthechten

Would you like to attach aquarium moss to your wood or hardscape? Or are you doing your first Dry Start Method (= starting an aquarium without water)? Then it might be more convenient to use  George Farmer’s blender method” instead of tying the moss with cotton string.

The Dry Start Methode?

As you probably already know, most aquarium plants survive both above water (emersed) and below water (submersed). This is convenient because it also means you can “mature” your aquarium without water, also known as the “Dry Start Method.” A Dry Start has some major advantages. For one, it reduces the chance of algae quite a bit, and it also makes the plants stronger as soon as you fill the tank with water.

How to start with the Dry Start Method:

  1. Add water until the soil is well soaked. The water may be slightly above the soil, but certainly not too much
  2. Plant the aquarium plants in the soil and make sure they do not get too dry (spray regularly)
  3. When everything is planted: cover the top of the aquarium with glass or shrink wrap. Leave a small opening for air circulation
  4. Turn on the lights for 8 to 10h
  5. Sprinkle occasionally to keep the inside moist. Do you see mold forming? Then spray less!

How to attach aquarium moss: the blender method | PlantedBox

How to grow moss on wood using the blender method

Mosses can also survive both emersed and submersed. Instead of sticking the mosses to the wood, it is much easier to put them in a blender with some yoghurt, cut them up and then spread them on the wood.

Here’s how to proceed:

  1. Choose the mosses you want in your container. TIP: use multiple species for a more natural effect, highly recommended
  2. Put the mosses in a deep bowl
  3. Make a mixture of 1 lump of Greek yoghurt and 100ml of water. Mix well.
  4. Add the mixture to the bowl of mosses and mix with the blender
  5. Done!

The mixture should look something like this:

Mos kweken tijdens de Dry Start Methode
Zo ziet de mengeling eruit!

Now all you have to do is smear the wood with the mix. After a while, the mosses will attach themselves and begin to grow. What method do you use to attach your mosses to the wood? Let us know in the comments below!

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