“Edge” Nano CO2 diffuser

Do you have a nano aquarium? With the “Edge” CO2 diffuser you can stylishly and efficiently add CO2 to your planted tank. Not only does it look nice, your plants will also grow better due to the good CO2 distribution of this diffuser.

  • Made of “Opticlear” laboratory glass: super clear and strong
  • Nice minimalistic and stylish design
  • Easy to clean and install: just slip over the edge of the glass
  • Fits any open aquarium with a max. glass thickness of 10mm
  • Attention: only fits the flexible CO2 hose!

Sufficient CO2, good plant nutrition and regular maintenance is necessary for healthy plant growth in your aquarium. So invest in a quality CO2 diffuser and you will get so much more enjoyment out of your tank.

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Made of lab grade glass

Elegant model

Super elegant design

Open aquaria

Ideal for open top aquaria

CO2: a must for a planted tank

No one wants a tank full of algae.

But do you know the biggest cause of algae problems in freshwater tanks? A CO2 deficiency. It makes sense, too, because CO2 is not only one of the most important plant nutrients, it’s also the hardest one to add in your aquarium. And that combination often leads to problems.

So if you want healthy plants, you will need to add enough CO2. This nano CO2 diffuser can help you with that. It produces superfine bubbles that float around in your aquarium and stick to the leaves. This allows the plants to absorb CO2 faster and grow better.

Works well, but looks even better

The Edge CO2 diffuser is completely handmade from laboratory glass (borosilicate glass) making it much stronger than cheaper CO2 diffusers. Not only is the glass stronger, the membrane is also better, giving you finer CO2 distribution.

So you may pay a little more, but you get much more quality in return and that shows in the plant growth.

You will also notice visually that the glass is top quality: no discoloration, nice and clear and a fine finish. In short: a CO2 diffuser that makes your tank look stylish.

Free advice tailored to your aquarium

Want to adjust your CO2 correctly? Suffering from algae? Or do you just have a question about your aquarium? Read the helpful tips on my blog or download my free e-books.


How much work pressure do I need?

The Edge diffuser needs at least 1.5 bar working pressure, so a quality CO2 pressure regulator is important, for example the PlantedBox aquarium pressure regulator!

How should I maintain the diffuser?

When doing a water change, you can put it in a solution of 1 part bleach to 10 parts water for half an hour. Then rinse very well and put it back.

What material is this CO2 diffuser made of?

It is made of very high quality laboratory glass. Moreover, each diffuser is handmade, so you get a unique piece.

What are the dimensions?

Medium: height 12,5cm, width 4,5cm and maximum glass thickness 7mm

Large: height 18cm, width 4,5cm and maximum glass thickness 7mm